“{Great Experience} We’ll remember for the rest of our Days!”

The tour was excellent and we were very happy with both the itinerary and the driver as well as all the support we received from Ruth and yourself.  The Riads were outstanding and whilst there were many highlights, for me the Sahara was probably the biggest.  We would certainly recommend the whole experience.
By way of feedback I just have the following points:
The only (very) minor problem on the whole trip was that we got in to the hotel in Casablanca too late on the first night so missed dinner.  On the rest of the trip the food was good but for the most part lacked the spice we were expecting, which was a little disappointing.  Ironically we were taken to a spice shop and shown the classic Moroccan spices but at no point on the tour did we seem to be able to eat a meal that actually used those spices.
The Riad in Dades was not one that you normally use but was very good.  The food was excellent and the host was extremely friendly which made for a memorable stay.
Overall though a great experience and one we’ll remember for the rest of our days.
October 2015