“Great Experience”

I have just collected evaluations from the group and I am reading things like:
Our guide Ali is the best I have known. It has been a great experience and Ali was the most competent guide I’ve ever traveled with (My 10th Friendship Force trip.) Ali was the best guide I have ever encountered on an exchange tour (her 24th) I hope his boss appreciates him. I say the same for Majeed (driver) and Kareem (helper).Great staff of guide, driver, “counter” and over all assistant, site guides, and exchange director. The tour guide, bus driver, and staff were great.

And I would like to second the above. He is gentle, kind, competent and has a way of anticipating our every need in advance. He handled problems with aplomb. He made each person feel special. We had the traveler’s disease AND a cough and other stuff go through some of the group requiring lots of tender, loving care which was provided. He is clear in explaining the plans and the program. He is flexible and tries to accommodate the needs of all….can you imagine offering the group three different choices in Fes but they all wanted to do at least two of the three and somehow he managed to pull even that off!

He is very understandable and oh, so knowledgeable about the country, the history, the sites we visited, and the people. There are hardly enough superlatives to express our delight that you gave us Ali as our guide. The trip would not have been the same with someone else.

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