“Full of Unexpected Surprises!”

We finally got home last night.  It would be totally unfair not to let you know what a wonderful trip we had. Morocco was extremely interesting and beautiful, and full of unexpected surprises, like all the snow we got and the beautiful landscape it created at the Atlas Mountains. We particularly enjoyed the varied and immense natural beauty of the country and all the incredible, millenary arts and crafts. Plus, the Moroccan culture certainly gives you a different view of the world.

The hotels were also quite remarkable, with particular emphasis on Villa Mandarine, the Riad Fes and the Kniza Riad. They were so different from each other and at the same time all so beautiful. The Riad Fes was simply breathtaking;  we felt we had arrived at a Palace, and the food there was the best “gourmet” Moroccan food we had.
And lastly, but certainly, most importantly, our visit would have never been the same without Namir. He made our trip. He is ever so nice, warm, friendly, funny, and at the same time so professional and serious in his work. He made us feel like royalty; boy, did he spoil us!!!!!  He was attentive down to the very last detail: from remembering my love for pomegranates and  always having some available for me in his van, to making sure we never drank or ate things that were not clean and fresh, we felt so well taken care of by him. He also helped us see Morocco through his eyes, which made it possible for us to understand the country and the culture so much better. We felt we were being exposed to the real Morocco, instead of just the touristy one. Often we were the only foreigners eating at the places where he took us, and the local food he had us eat was the best!!!! But let me tell you the real secret of this: there are levels of flavor, you see;  there are “recipes” , then “good recipes” and then, several notches higher, “Namir recipes”. He literally would tell the cooks how to prepare our dishes, and those were, by far and truly, the very best. And we were so privileged, that he even shared some of his culinary secrets with us!!; not that they will taste nearly as good when I try them out at home, but I’ll do my best.  And I will never forget how he called Rolf  “Mr. Husband”. It became so memorable and cherished that it is now Rolf’s new nickname. So, yes, Morocco, now has a very well loved face for us: Namir’s.

So Aaron, thank you very much for organizing this great experience. It was a voyage that we will remember and talk about for a long long time, filled with memories that we will always cherish.

Saludos and please give Namir a big hug and a couple of kisses (Moroccan style) from us. Tell him we miss him very much!!!!

Nora & Rolf
December 2012