“Where do I start?”


Where do I start? Experience It! exceeded all expectations for me as the Exchange Director. Ruth was available to answer my questions and provided valuable information. From my many Ambassadors that have taken tours numerous times, they have ranked our tour with your guide, Ali Alami, at the top of their worldly experiences.

Thank you for giving us Ali. He has so many attributes that it is hard to know where to start. He is a caring, intelligent man that could foresee every desire that we might have and beyond. Fun loving with a smile always. Any reasonable requests we made, he filled. He prepared us in advance with the history of sites we were to visit. The games he provided were fun, like making a roulette wheel with chalk on the wheel of our bus. He was so elegantly dressed in his djellaba daily and we looked forward to learning about each garment. I enjoyed seeing him in a suit the last evening at Rick’s cafe and the next day in blue jeans when he took us to the airport. Without his help in the airport, I don’t think we would have managed to find our flights and check in.

Thank you, Jeff, for your help and knowing I could count on you if needed. I highly recommend Experience It! Tours and will be promoting your tours to organizations within my community.


Joyce Rulon,

Friendship Force Oklahoma Exchange Director.