“Excellent Planning & Execution of Tour”

Our group of 4 has just finished an 11 day, 10 night tour of Morocco with Experience-It tours; the planning and execution of the tour were handled most professionally by the staff of Experience-It. I highly recommend that anyone considering going to Morocco with your company rely on your expertise. (I often forget that expertise is a lot of what you’re paying for when you opt to see a country with a tour company.)

As an example, I had not considered that the choice of a driver would figure so importantly in the enjoyment of our Morocco trip. First of all, our driver was very safe and skillful; something we quickly came to appreciate. Morocco is about the size of California; you are going to be spending a lot of time with your driver if you you want to see a lot of what the country has to offer. Our driver was very sharp, spoke good English, was personable, and was a fount of information about every area we went to. In addition, we particularly enjoyed talking with him about social, cultural, religious, agricultural, economic, etc. issues in Morocco. As well as the many sights we saw, this personal contact will be a well remembered part of our trip. I can only assume that Experience-It always shows the same expertise in choice of drivers as it showed in choice of our driver, Hamid Zerhiri.

Realistically, there were glitches during our trip, but generally of a type that is inherent in any real travel–we had to dodge donkey poop in the Medina in Fes, the weather was sometimes too hot for me, we ran into flash floods near the Sahara, etc. But avoiding this kind of stuff would mean never traveling anywhere–besides, such experiences often make for the best stories later.


(October of 2011)