“Everything is so diverse”

We had a terrific private tour organized for us by Experience It Tours……thank you so very much!

There are so very many highlights…..everything is so diverse and many different landscapes and different cities. Thoroughly enjoyed Chefchaouen, the Blue City and what a special place to get nice pictures. The medina areas of Fes and Marrakech are very interesting and the private house our guide took us to in Fes was most worthwhile seeing and visiting with the family. Our night in the desert tent and the 4X4 drive/camel was for me a highlight as well.

I’m still laughing about my husband on his camel (not keen on going in the first place). His camel did not have even bedding for the sort of saddle and he was half falling off the whole time and of course I am behind him trying to take pictures, but to focus the camera I am laughing so hard. Our 4X4 driver got the car stuck in the sand and it took quite a while for him to finally get the car out… with much help from others that showed up. One would think he would have at least taken a shovel in the car for such emergencies, but, no he was simply trying to dig out the tire looking like a dog. In Marrakesh, my digestive system finally gave out so we had to call our guide and tell him we unfortunately would miss our day trip to Essaouira. I had to take it easy just at the hotel and stay quite near a toilet. Not a nice thing especially when travelling. We did go the next day in Marrakesh to the private country club/pool at La Maison Arabe….very beautiful.

Our guide/driver Youssef was quite good. He was always on time and he definitely knows Morocco. I did have to tease him (but not really joking) about driving like he were on the Indy 500 racetrack… think it is in the culture of Morocco to drive so fast. At one point driving over the high Atlas mountains a small turtle crossed directly in front of our car… Youssef and I both saw it but my husband missed it… I said to Youssef… “See, that turtle is a sign to you to drive slower” “I said to him, remember the saying the tortoise and the hare… remember the tortoise, Youssef”. But, all and all everything was fine.

I especially liked the Lina Ryad in Chefchaouen since we had a room overlooking the entire city…. also the service there was excellent. Of course Riad Fes and La Maison Arabe were both lovely.

As for the Moroccan food////very nice but so much food….we are not used to all the heavy food… delicious. Cannot believe that all the locals are not really heavy… reminds me of the people in Paris… always chatting, having, coffee, etc. but a lot of walking… they are not heavy either.

More info for you…my husband loved looking at the fossils and we both thoroughly enjoyed the tanneries in Fes (reminded us of the laundries in Mumbai).

All the best to you,

Don and Karen C.

(September / 2017)