“Every detail flowed Seamlessly!”


We had a wonderful adventure in Morocco and we were quite pleased at how every detail flowed seamlessly from our Casablanca airport pick-up to our drive through Rabat, Fes, Marrakech and Essaouira. My husband Denis was not quite sure about Rabat as he noticed all the dirty narrow winding streets and all the outdoor café’s filled with men curious about our beautiful vehicle. I on the other hand was quite excited and awed at what we were seeing. The ancient graveyard in Meknes was quite beautiful even in the drizzle rain. We were quite surprised at the variety of vegetation in the area and the existence of the roman ruins.
The Repose accommodation in Rabat was very authentic with its Arabian-style room. Our host, Jan, was very gracious as she attended to our every need and we were equally pleased with her staff. We were so pleased with the service that we left a tip for her staff after breakfast. Jan approached us before leaving asking if the tip we left was okay by us because her staff were apparently embarrassed by it. We assured her the tip was for her staff and left. Later on, I realized we left 70 euros instead of dirhams and it solved the mystery as to why the two petite staff members insisted on bringing our luggage down the stairs! In the end, we were quite happy with our slip and were certain we made a few staff members happy at the Repose. We waved goodbye to the smiling young lady as we exited The Repose.

We really enjoyed Meknes and Fes with its bustling markets, souks, donkeys, café’s, Bab Mansour, granaries, stables and the narrow streets. Our guide, Hussein, in Fes was most enjoyable as he patiently guided us through the old Medina and answered all of our questions. He spoke very good English and he made sure we took pictures of all important monuments and gates. We also enjoyed the tannery even with its strong smell. We learned quickly how persuasive the salesmen were at trying to sell us leather products and we eventually happily walked away with our unique souvenirs. It seemed every detail was timed perfectly right down to our lunch, tannery visit, our impressive carpet presentation and a visit to a teapot shop by request. Told Hussein “there must be a conspiracy happening here because we were spending money at every place he was taking us to”. No complaints from us because we were so amazed at the craftsmanship and the artwork displayed. Our evening dinner near a 5 star hotel where Hillary Clinton stays when traveling was a lot of fun with its entertainment of musicians, belly dancers and a magician. We appreciated that our driver took photos of us on his phone after leaving our own cameras behind. Also the Riad Jaouhara in Fes was most pleasing with its room space, daily clean-up, cuisine and the in-room safe and friendly service.

We cut short our 2nd day visit in Marrakech because my husband and I both got sick from undercooked burgers during our stop from Fes to Marrakech. We both surmised this event was almost a certainty and we both made sure we brought our medication. However, through our guide, we did manage to see the Koutoubia Mosque, visited an herbalist and spice shop and took a quick look at a beautiful traditional clothing boutique. We retired early after that visit, took our medication, rested and made it to our evening dinner at a French restaurant. We do not place any blame on our driver, Tarik Mghari, for us being sick. In fact, Tarik ate the same dish and was mildly sick too. If you would like I could include a recommendation letter that we have already sent to Mr. Mghari.

Essaouira and our camel ride on the beach were my personal favourite and trip highlight. Had we known how beautiful Essaouira was, we would have stayed longer!  The camels were so gentle, clean and mild mannered. This windy coastal town has a magic of its own with its beautiful beaches, sunsets and quiet atmosphere. I would go back again to Essaouira.

Of all the trips through France, Spain and Morocco this year, my husband and I both talk a lot about Morocco. Morocco has made quite an impression on us with its unique culture, very friendly people, and awesome cuisine, unbelievable blend of spices, artwork and old world traditions.

Thank you to your entire staff at Experience IT Tours for a terrific well executed trip. We will recommend your tour company to others without hesitation. In fact, we gave your website address to a woman in Avignon interested in visiting Morocco again but she was hesitant as a sole traveller. She very much liked what we had to say about the way your tour company help plan the entire Moroccan tour.

Ernestine and Denis.

(September/ October of 2012)