“Enjoyed every minute”

We enjoyed every minute of our time in this wonderful, hospitable country. Especially entrancing were the mysterious labyrinths and brief vistas behind closed doors, the Kasbars and market places, the majestic  Atlas Mts, the wondrous Saraha Desert and the splendors of the Atlantic Ocean.  We love our stays in all the Riads ; simply charming, welcoming and restful.
The donkeys however, stole my heart. How still, hard-working and patient are these creatures. Needless to say we have hundreds of donkey photos!
The brilliant colours which clothed the elegant women shall long remain in my memory. A credit to their gender, the women and girls expressed a dignity and a ‘presence’ which could only be highly respected.
The  traditional handcrafts we found amazing. We hope the artisans will forever be sustained in their particular skills as they carry the heart of their culture to the world.
Finally, the ‘call to prayer  ’ heard so often through our travels became a heartfelt reminder of the grace which endows us all whatever tradition we follow. I came home believing  that tourists, or more rightly travellers [as we felt we were] have a rich potential to advance  Inter-Faith understanding by being conduits of peace and well-being on the one hand and recipients of gracious hospitality on the other.
I thank you and your company for a splendid experience.
Yours sincerely,
GP- Melbourne
October 2014

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