“Definitely would like to come back”

“Definitely would like to come back”

I had a wonderful time touring the imperial cities of Morocco. The people are nice, friendly & hospitable, the food’s delicious, the views are fantastic during the drives. My guides are smart & funny especially Mohammed, my guide at Marrakech. We were laughing all the time and I enjoyed the stimulating history lessons. So are Fouad at Fes and Majid at Volubilis. They’re great photographers too. Rachid is my angel, polite, responsible & protective, a real gentleman. Mohammed & Said at the Hotel Dar Al Medina Al Kadima are very kind & friendly. I enjoyed their company and they taught me a few sentences in Arabic. Brigitte & Ahmed are great at the Riad Boussa and Oumalik, Brigitte’s cat took a liking to me and followed me around. Azziz walked me from & to the Riad Boussa inside the medina. I love all the spots we visited since I like history very much. I just want to thank all of you guys for your thoughtful way of doing your jobs. I definitely would like to come back someday. I posted my pictures of the trip in my facebook account and everybody loves them. My friends said Morocco will definitely be on their travel list.



February 2017


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