“Customized for Us!”

I think that Fes was the best city. Fes medina, without cars and motorbikes, seemed more authentic and easier. A highlight for us was an unexpected Christmas Eve dinner at Ryad Myra in Fes. We hadn’t expected any celebration, but the staff there went out of their way to celebrate with us. There was Christmas music, dinner, Yule cake, dancing, and joy! Chefchaouen was a definite highlight. The colors were amazing. The city was very “stroll-able” and easy to maneuver. The weather was not great for us there, but we thoroughly enchanted with Chefchaouen.

The tour was customized for us, so we saw what we wanted to see.

We really like Rostom [our driver] immediately. He was friendly, helpful, pleasant, and made the experience easy. Jerry liked him because he didn’t talk, just to talk, but engaged in good conversation. He was timely and prepared.

Favorite Accommodations:

  1. Riad Le Clos des Arts in Marrakech was the most beautiful. Genuine service. Engaging owners. Excellent food.
  2. Ryad Myra. I’ve already extolled on our Christmas experience. The staff was great. The building was beautiful. Beautiful tile work.
  3. Dar Meziana in Chefchaoeun was more casual and cozy. Really nice staff, and beautiful details in the architecture.
  4. Riad/Dar Mokhtar was the most modern of our accommodations in Morocco, which we liked! Friendly owner, great dinner. Staff from many countries in Africa, which was really interesting.

We chose to have all dinners in all the various riads and we are really happy we did. The food was really good and abundant (maybe too much). Never disappointed. We would recommend any of these hotels.

Something we learned in our trip. We didn’t plan in down time, and this was a mistake. This is not the fault of Experience It, but our mistake and will remember to plan this on future organized trips.

Kevin C.

(December of 2017)