“Best Vacation We Ever Had!”

Alexander S Volubilis

After traveling the globe for more than 30 years as individual travelers, in groups, and in guided individual tours, we were more than pleasantly surprised by this tour that the Experience It! team has put together. EIT came up with a wonderfully diverse tour of Morocco. We appreciate the ease with which our individual interests were incorporated in the planning and execution of this tour. The EIT team made it happen, and our driver Rachid elevated the total experience to the BEST VACATION WE EVER HAD.

The complete tour was just a string of highlights. Every stop and activity had its emphasis on a different part of Morocco’s history, culture, its people, and its cuisine. It is impossible to single out any individual event, they all will remain in our memory.

Rachid {our driver} made this potentially very good vacation into the best vacation we ever had. His attention to detail and to our interests was exceptional. Several examples come to mind: after we briefly mentioned that we are interested in arts (collecting), he unexpectedly made an unscheduled stop for a visit of a recently opened museum of Moroccan modern art in Rabat (we were more than impressed with the collection – we loved it). We mentioned that we prefer local food over food prepared to accommodate tourists. As a result of the places he picked for lunch we had some of the most memorable food experiences of our life. While on the road, we had long discussions of Moroccan history, culture, religion, family life, education, and political structure. His knowledge and understanding of his country was beyond excellent. His love for his country, its people, and its culture did shine. Over the two weeks we shared with him, he became our travel companion. Rachid made this tour the best vacation we ever had.

As unassuming as riads look from the outside, as wonderful they are once passing through their doors. We will miss riads, their beautiful interior, wonderfully detailed rooms, and excellent service. Singling any one of them out would be a disservice to the others, they were all beautiful in their individuality. Even the modest Berber tent during our Sahara excursion had its own convincing charm.


(April of 2016)