“Best Trip Ever!”

Just wanted to touch base and let you know how our trip went……I’m happy to say that my wife thought it was her best trip ever, and she has traveled a lot!!

We were very pleased with our drivers…Both Aziz and Hamid were very knowledgable and helpful and expert drivers through the Moroccan traffic. We liked it that they allowed us to dictate our itinerary for the most part. The only thing we were mildly disapointed with in regards to the drivers was the place we stopped for lunch on our arrival date. The place was very ‘touristy’, expensive and the food was mediocre at best. I thought the service was good but the waiter snubbed us after we tipped 12%.

Our stay in Fez was the best….we liked the riad, the staff and the meals were great. I’m thankful that our tour through the medina was guided or I would still be looking for a way out from that maze!!

Thanks to Jeff our Marrakech stay was a disaster only the first day. It is our opinions that the Dar Chems rates no better than a 2-stars. On entry you immediately noticed stains on the carpet and a very enclosed feeling. When shown our room I couldn’t believe it was for 2 people with a small living space and smaller bathroom….While the people at Chems were hospitable, the food, while edible, was the worst we had in Morocco.

But as I mentioned, Jeff worked quickly when we called to advise him of the problem to get us into the Riad Jasmine and we very much enjoyed our stay there…..great people and personal service.

We had a great view of the ocean from our room in Essaoiura but thought the riad was more hotel than riad. Again, the people and service were super and we really enjoyed the funky feel of the town. However, we would have been happier at a more traditional riad.

Thanks for your help in planning our trip.

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