“Best Idea Ever”

We returned last night and wanted to write before things got crazy here with the holiday season. I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance to meet you Aaron in Fes but as you can imagine it was a packed couple of days.

I just wanted to share my thoughts about the trip with you. First, I am not a tour guide person nor am I am tour group person… So, we decided to go with the tour idea.

Ok, BEST.IDEA.EVER. We (I) LOVE how you operate. I’m recommending you to everyone I know. I had 2 other groups of friends go to Morocco at the same time last week, one with Gap Travel and one with another private tour whose name I can’t recall but they had some incidents and I don’t know why but I felt so protected from that stuff from Namir even though we were doing things w/o him. No one hassled us. No one got sick from food. The long drives which I was personally dreading were so comfortable and so fun. Namir was able to break up the drives so they didn’t seem all that long and the car we had for us was perfect size. (And, he loves that car like it’s his baby, which is what we ended up calling it haha!) And, as you may know, I had some friends from London who were in Marrakech for the last couple of days and I wanted to have them join us on our trip to Essaouira on Sat. I spoke to Namir who called Jeff and BOTH repeated to us separately “the most important thing is you have a good time.” My friends from London loved the day trip and I’m so grateful to you all for not making any big deal about them joining us for the day. I feel like your tour allowed us and Namir the freedom to do what WE wanted last minute or in advance. I love the fact that Namir didn’t have to “check in” with the bosses if we wanted to do something different like go to Essaouira on Sat because the festival closed stuff in Marrakech.

Ok, maybe he did check with you but we didn’t know it and he NEVER gave us the impression that he had to check or things couldn’t be done. All we heard was “my pleasure, for sure and as you like” which we started teasing him about. We did the touristy stuff which we loved. We did stuff that wasn’t “touristy” which we loved even more. And we just love Namir period!!! He was honestly the fourth friend on our trip. He remembered when we forgot things we said or asked for. For example, I casually mentioned I needed kleenex and there was a box at the next stop. We needed a knife to cut into the fruit we wanted to buy and next stop we got one.

We got to gorge on catcus pears on the side of the road while driving to Marrakech on Friday because 3 days before that we mentioned how much we liked them (but we hadn’t seen them since). Same with the fresh almonds, daily clementines stops and even calming US down when we were stopped at a police checkpoint in the Sahara and the police officer tried to shake him down for nothing he did wrong. I guess it’s called caking and we decided that we’d write to the king if Namir had to pay! ha! Honestly, it was really kind and touching how much he remembered and took care of us.

We had the best time ever. For me, it was one of the best trips I’ve had (top 3 I’d say) and I’ve been to 30 countries. He loves this agency and you folks because he said you treated him so well and I think it shows when you place him as the face of the business with customers. As an aside, we also met an Australian couple with you in the Sahara and they really liked your company too so I know it’s not just him but we certainly lucked out.

All that said, the only thing I would mention is that the Riad Omar (love the location) didn’t have enough towels for us and they weren’t the friendlist when we asked for two more the first day but maybe they were having an off day. The Kasbah was awesome! All the places were totally fine too.

So, I can’t thank you enough for everything. And, when I pluck up the courage, I may be considering a tour to Libya as Namir mentioned you do that!

I wish you all well and hope that many of our friends can experience Morocco with you guys!



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