Anyway.. in 3 words…


We can not speak highly enough about Driss, and we hope he enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed his. I would love to share some photos.. but I had two digital camera’s.. ahem.. and took 1,500 pictures….. if you can believe that… (well.. ask Driss 🙂 so will have to sort out some special memories.

I can give an A++++ to the service from beginning to end, and have already recommended Experience it! to my friends/ colleagues at work/ family…..
… most are not as adventurous as us… but who knows..
Highlights: Cities were wonderful, Hotel/ Riads (Hotel outstanding.. but the Riads.. in a class there own) . #1 desert trip: sleeping out in the desert and hiking the dunes, sunset and sunrise….. dinner and breakfast at the tent /accommodations of the private tent were outstanding #2 Voubilis– had EXCELLENT guide… was also special.

The sites and sounds and cities/ souks, etc. were amazing too.. but I think we are pulled towards the beauty and wonder of countryside, and of course the amazing landscape from Fez to Dessert to the Gorges, etc.

Thanks again….. ( We’d like to go back someday– maybe spend more time in one region and/or so/ hike Riff area… who knows..


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