“Appreciated having a wonderful Moroccan guide & driver”

First and foremost, we appreciated having a wonderful Moroccan guide and driver who spoke excellent English. In addition, we enjoyed staying at traditional riads and hotels, as we liked experiencing the Moroccan culture this way. We enjoyed all of our authentic Moroccan meals and having different tour guides to take us through the city markets, museums, and cooperatives in different cities.

We truly enjoyed seeing the cities of Chefchaouen, Fes, Erfoud (for our camel ride through the Sahara Desert), and Marrakech. Some of our favorite aspects of these cities included trying the authentic Moroccan dishes at meals, visiting the cooperatives where men and women were making pottery and handicrafts, taking city tours through the market places, and eating with the local families. Our camel ride through the Sahara Desert was probably the most memorable aspect of the trip, as we loved riding the camels at dusk, seeing the beautiful sand dunes, eating under the stars with our guide and family, and sleeping in the desert.

We liked all of the cities a lot and would still recommend seeing all of them, in the order in which we saw them in the Custom Morocco tour. We feel it is important to see them all, because you can experience different aspects of Morocco in all of these cities by seeing the countryside, desert, mountains, urban life. In addition, in each city, we found that each city had its own “flavor” of Morocco to offer, whether those differences were in the food, language, customs, and way of life.

We absolutely loved having Khalid as our driver and guide for Morocco. From the moment we arrived in Casablanca, Khalid welcomed us all with open arms and was there to serve us at all times. He was extremely humble, patient, and kind. We always looked forward to each day with Khalid, as he shared with us knowledge about each city we would travel to and answered all of our questions about Morocco’s culture, history, language, customs, and food along the way. Khalid always had a positive attitude, a lot of energy, and a great sense of humor. We appreciated his willingness to customize our trip ahead of time, as we had a limited amount of time to see Morocco.