“All the riads were superb.”

Thank you so very much for your work in putting together the tour for my friends and myself for April; 09  – 22nd. The journey through Morocco was amazing.  I really cannot get over the kindness of the Moroccans and how welcoming they are.  Wherever we went, we had people wishing us a good holiday and welcoming us to Morocco.

Before I go on, I really want to comment on our driver, Achraf Nouri, he was the absolutely best.  Such a considerate, kind person with excellent morals.  His driving was impeccable.  He was always on time and was able and willing to inform us about Morocco and where we were going.  The guides he had organized in the various towns were superb, especially the one in Chefchaouen.  If I had to rate Achraf from number 1 to number 5, Achraf would certainly be number 5, the top number.

All the Riads were superb.  The only disappointing accommodation was at the Ibis Hotel in Casablanca.  The location was OK and the meals were OK, but it is a stark building and the rooms are not very exciting.  It was clean though.  I believe there probably are not too many hotels in that category.  I think Achraf said that there are not many riads in Casablanca.  

Our rooms at Riad Memouna in Essaouira were amazing, such a lovely residence.  We had ocean front and it was so very lovely hearing the water lap against the rocks. We were all very appreciative of your quick responses to questions that we asked.  I certainly will recommend your company and very definitely recommend Morocco.  One thing that amazed me was how clean the cities and towns were.  They all had lovely medians as you entered them with lovely palm tries or bushes. Wonderful!

Elizabeth F. (April, 2024)