“Absolutely Wonderful!”

Jose mosque

My wife and I just returned to Niamey after our trip to Morocco.  We want to thank you and the Experience It Tours team, both in the US and Morocco, for a great job and a great vacation!  Aware that our trip was made on a very short notice, we are even more appreciative of the efforts made.

We found the country and the people of Morocco absolutely wonderful.  The suggestion to include Essaouira was fantastic.  Although all accommodations were great, the riads in Fez and Marrakesh were exquisite and deem particular mention.  The buildings and rooms of these two riads were beautiful and impeccably clean.  The staff of these riads were amongst the most courteous and friendly we have encountered in our travels through many countries.

Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to our driver/coordinator, Mr. Mohamed Mahraz.  Mr. Mahraz proved to be an utmost professional at all times during his long days of hard work throughout our trip.  Always punctual in meeting us and safe driving, Mr. Mahraz was very informative and his suggestions very useful and valuable.

While already in-flight to Morocco, my wife and I realized our booking was made with a Spanish-speaking driver. Although I am indeed a native Spanish speaker, my wife is German and we communicate between us in English. Mr. Mehraz, under the impression he was to meet Spanish speakers.  Upon being told of the language mix-up, Mr. Mahraz continued to carry on in equally fluent English.  Aware that my wife was vegetarian and that this is not a common lifestyle in Morocco, Mr. Mahraz kindly made sure to let lodgings where dinner would be served know this and to take us to restaurants providing sufficient options to vegetarians.



(June of 2013)