“Absolutely everything you organised was 100%”

Hi Paul and Experience It Tours team,

We had a very successful trip. Absolutely everything you organised was 100%.

I think in my previously sent email I mentioned I had read an internet review from a US traveller who had received a better quote from you, but chose to travel with another company. The traveller regretted choosing the other company who charged higher prices because they slept in the same Berber tents, ate the same food, rode on the same camels, drove in the same type of vehicle as Experience It clients!
We found exactly the same in our tourist group and hence were very satisfied with the excellent value offered by your company.

FYI – I had received quotes 2 and 4 times higher than your quote. From previous African travel we know that paying more doesn’t necessarily give you a 2 or 4 times better experience!

Finally, you can be very proud of you efficient and polite personnel – keep up the good work.

Best wishes,
Jane 2010

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