“Absolutely Amazing!”


Morocco was absolutely amazing!

Both our driver and our accommodations were fantastic.  Your company service was great and very responsive.  I would definitely recommend your service to friends who are interested in taking a trip to Morocco.

Please see below for some of the highlights of the trip and feedback from me.


(i) I thought the Hassan II Mosque was absolutely amazing – the architecture was incredible;

(ii) I loved the Suk in Fes and we had a great tour guide who really gave us a good taste of the different types of crafts that they practice.  I really enjoyed seeing the pottery factory, the tannery (even thought it really smelled), the handcrafted tablecloths etc.  The work that goes into all their handmade items is exquisite and incredible to see.

(iii) The Synagogues  – Since I am Jewish, I was amazed to see how the old synagogues and Jewish Quarters in both Fes and Marrakech, the old schoolhouse in Meknes and amazingly the remains of a synagogue in the Berber village!  I had no idea how much Jewish history is contained in Morocco and I was surprised at how far back the Jewish history dates in the country.

(iv) Bahia Palace/Saadian Tombs – I loved looking at the architecture and hearing about the history of the place.

(v) Camel Ride: This was SO much fun!  I highly recommend it to anyone who likes animals.

(vi) Ourzazate – The scenery and views were really breathtaking.  I’m glad we got a chance to experience a taste of the desert (although next time I want to get to the actual Sahara if there’s time).

(vii) Berber Village – This was amazing and I highly recommend that people take a trip to see how some of the Berbers still live.

Overall, we had an amazing experience and would highly recommend this to others.

Thanks for helping put together such a memorable experience for us!!!

Kind regards,

Rivkah & Jenn.

(November of 2016)