“A wonderful time in Morocco”

We had a wonderful time in Morocco and Youssef Maamri was an absolute gem! We enjoyed his company very much, he managed to find a really good balance with the information that he was providing (not too much, which we wouldn’t remember anyway but enough to make everything very interesting), he was a very good driver – we had great confidence in his ability (important on winding mountain roads and flooded roads as we experienced), he was very attentive to our needs and extremely patient with us while shopping! A marvelous all rounder. We enjoyed the whole range of experiences – even the dust storm + rain while crossing the sand dunes on a camel. The Riads were gorgeous and very comfortable, the meals (in the main) very nice and Youssef was able to steer us toward some wonderful places for lunch that we would never have found on our own.

We have already recommended Experience It Tours to some English friends who travel regularly and have yet to venture into Morocco which is of course so close to their home. The booking process was easy, we were able to get all of the information required for our planning process and it was great to have Ruth steering the admin side of things. The flexibility of being able to start and finish our tour on dates that suited us and fitted in with our other plans was a real bonus. We felt very smug when we saw bus loads of people queuing to unload from their bus or re-board – such a time consuming and frustrating process.

Many thanks for a wonderful experience – I’m very very glad I found your website.

June 2011

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