Morocco Update – Oct 6 – Riad Inspections Complete

We just heard from our team on the ground in Morocco:

Inspections have been done on all the riads in Marrakech and in the mountain areas.  So I would say that if a client asks about safety of buildings in Marrakech, you can just reassure them that Inspections have been done and either have cleared riads to re-open or told that they need to do repairs. 

Inspections by our team

Jill & Sera went to Marrakech and visited 18 of the riads that we use. They were able to verify that they are in excellent conditioning and functioning as normal.

Tours Functioning as Normal

We have had a bunch of tours arrive in Morocco over the last month & many more coming in October. From everything that our team has seen & heard, tours are functioning as normal & our clients are loving their trips.