Morocco Earthquake – Message from CEO – Sept 9

Our hearts are saddened by the tragedy that struck Morocco. We continue to pray for the country and all of those who have suffered much loss and destruction.

A message from Jeff Wilson, our Founder and CEO:

Many of you have likely heard about the earthquake in Morocco.  Such a tragedy!  Thank you to those of you who have expressed concern for those who were impacted.  Every one of our drivers have been contacted and have let us know that they and the clients currently in Morocco are doing well.  We are grateful for that!

Of course you likely have questions about how this is impacting travel.  Our coworkers in Morocco have been monitoring the situation and giving us updates. We spoke with 2 drivers (one who lives in Marrakech and one who just was there last night with a tour) and one Marrakech riad owner this morning.  All of them said that the main city of Marrakech has been minimally impacted.  The power is still on, people are still traveling to markets and going to work, restaurants and cafes. 

The main impact of earthquake has been to villages outside of Marrakech and the loss there has been tragic.  The Marrakech AREA has been profoundly impacted and the government has sent in help to those areas to offer aid and direct clean up. The main city however is reported to be minimally impacted. We hope to have more information from on the ground in Marrakech soon.

We are continuing to stay in touch with our drivers and friends throughout the area to keep an eye out for aftershocks or any changes.  We are not recommending cancelling any tours at this point.  We are happy to make adjustments to your tour especially if you had planned to tour Imlil or the outside villages. If you have concerns, we do understand and encourage you to make the decision you think best. We can give any information needed to your travel insurance company and will help in any way we can. We simply wanted to give you some current updates from Marrakech itself.