Marrakech Update – Sept 12 – What can you do?

As we continue to follow this tragic event, many of our past travelers and current travelers are wondering what they can do. As we have talked to Moroccans on the ground, there are 2 things that they are requesting:

  • Supplies / Financial Assistance for those who have lost loved ones, houses, businesses etc
  • Don’t cancel your trip – Morocco’s economy is built around tourism.

Driver’s Plea

One of our longtime driver & friend wrote the following

Do you want to support Morocco..?  Do not cancel your trip, your planned circuit,  or your reservations. Morocco needs you, it’s a magnificent country and the earth doesn’t shake here every day… tourism is the country’s main income, so come, come and visit us, our arms will be open to welcome you wholeheartedly


CNN Article

What travelers to Morocco need to know following the recent earthquake – I thought this was a balanced article about traveling to Morocco

Where can you give?

A number of people have been asking about reputable relief organizations where you can give money. We have a number of friends on the ground who have projects set up. If you’d like to know more, please reach out to our team.