15 Day Libya – Fezzan, Leptis and more

Day 1: Arrival in Tripoli. Flight to Sebha.
Transfer from airport, and general orientation tour of the city before taking the evening flight to Sebha. Dinner and overnight at in comfortable hotel in Sebha

Day 2 Ghat (560km).
Leave Sebha for a long drive towards Ghat via Wadi el Ajal (Death Valley), taking frequent breaks en – route, and lunch on the way. Arrive Ghat and visit the charming old mud- brick town, home of the Touareg. Camping overnight.

Day 3 Acacus Mountains (120km)
Meet our desert crew and 4 x 4 car and head off into the desert towards the Acacus, where we will make camp amongst the amazing dunes and rock formations of the area.

Days 4 & 5 Tadrart, Tashwinat, Tin Lalen, Wan Kaza (80km)
We spend a couple of days exploring this fascinating area with some short drives and walking visiting points of interest including prehistoric paintings, touareg nomad camps and deep-cut canyons of the Tadrart. We make camp in wadis and dunes, enjoying the peace and freedom of being in the desert.

Days 6 & 7 Idhan Murzuq, Barjuj (375km)
From Wan Kaza, we head north-east, passing many rock engravings and feel we are in one great open-air museum. The terrain changes from an ocean of black stones to the pure dunes of Idhan Murzuq. We visit the great irrigation project at Wadi Barjuj.

Days 8 & 9 Murzuq, Ubari Lakes (260km)
Early morning drive to Murzuq , historically one of the great Saharan towns controlling the Fezzan region for four centuries until the 19th century. Visit the town and old castle, once the home of the Sultan of Fezzan and still intact. On to the palm-fringed Ubari Lakes, an amazing natural occurrence – and an opportunity for your driver to show his desert driving skills negotiating the dunes surrounding the lakes. We make camp near Ummel Ma’a Lake in this idyllic desert setting

Day 10 Sebha, flight to Tripoli. (235km)
After a visit to Mandara Lake, we head for Wadi Al Ajal to freshen up at the campement before heading for Sebha. We visit Germa on the way, which was the capital of the Garamantian Empire, an ancient Libyan civilization from 5,000 years ago. Here, we bid farewell to our desert team and take the asphalt towards Sebha. This is the end of a memorable desert safari, and you are transferred to the airport for the evening flight to Tripoli. Transfer to hotel in Tripoli.

Day 11 Sabratha, Tripoli (70km x 2)
After visiting the National Museum, we drive westward to the Roman ruins of Sabratha, which boasts one of the finest amphitheatres, partially restored to host concerts to this day. We tour the site before driving back to Tripoli to overnight.

Day 12 Jebel Nafusa, Ghadames (620km)
Early departure for Ghadames . We pass through the Jebel Nafusa and across the Jeffara Plain. At the foot of the escarpment is Qasr al-Haj one of the best examples of a fortified Berber granary. At Nalut we find another example of one of these castle-like structures. Overnight in hotel or guesthouse.

Day 13 Ghadames, Gharyan, Tripoli (650km)
Visit Ghadames, the small ancient trading post that still enchants and captivates its visitors to this day. The old city remains, -hidden amongst new development – but still recalling the desert caravans and a traditional way of life for its inhabitants – the Touareg and Berber. The colourful, decorated house make this oasis a visual delight and deserving of being ‘the Pearl of the Sahara’ The long drive is well worth the effort and en route back to Tripoli we stop at Gharyan to visit the troglodyte houses of the Berbers used for protection against the elements – and invaders. Overnight Tripoli

Day 14 Leptis Magna, Tripoli (125km x2)
Drive eastward to visit Leptis Magna, one of the most outstanding Roman city remains to be found anywhere, and a highlight of any visit to Libya. The desert sands covered and protected the site for a thousand years, and with the addition of some careful restoration work, it is not difficult to imagine a working Roman city. Overnight Tripoli.

Day 15 Tripoli, end of tour
We load the luggage and make a last visit to the Medina for some souvenir shopping. Perfume, spices, crafts are all on display in the Souqs and all are eager to pass on their wares to you! Transfer to the airport and a fond farewell to your team.

Tripoli – city tour, visit Medina
Fezzan region – Ghat, Acacus, Idhan Murzuq, Ubari Lakes,
Ghadames – tour of old town
Sabratha – tour of Roman site
Leptis Magna – tour

Level: Comfortable. Some long journeys, and desert camping. Comfortable, clean hotels. Libya does not have a developed tourist infrastructure. Mixture of true desert adventure and culture.

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