Over the years, we have developed the profile of the Ideal Experience It Tours Traveler. People who have traveled with out company and loved their experience. Before you book with our company, maybe you should see if you fit into the profile of our ideal client:

Want a personalized travel experience – they want to work with us to custom design their perfect tour.


Are looking for help from international experts living inside the country of travel. Our Experience It! Tours representatives live in each country, speak the language, and have year of experience.


Want a hassle free holiday – although many of our clients are experienced travelers, they really want to enjoy their travels without problems. They would rather leave it up to us than worry if things are going to go well.


Understand the value of traveling on a private tour – they don’t want to be tied down to a group of 20, but rather be on their own schedule and their own agenda.


Want to experience a new culture & country – they are not looking for the European Chain Hotel Vacation


Are looking for fair but completive pricing for the valuable service they require.

Do you fit this profile? If you do, we are the right company for you!

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