What is Moroccan food like?

Moroccan cuisine can be described as an extraordinary combination of savory and sweet, smooth and textured, hot and cold. Most everyone will find something they enjoy at a Moroccan table. Traditional Moroccan cuisine uses fragrant spices like cinnamon, ginger, saffron, cumin, and caraway rather than hot spices. In Morocco, meals are an experience…a process. Expect to linger around the table for a bit longer than you are used to and take your time! Moroccans will generally serve a variety of salads (both cooked and raw), arranged on small plates before the main courses, which generally consist of a tagine (a well-spiced stew made with meat, vegetables, and garnished with stewed dried fruit and almonds) and/or cous-cous (finely ground and steamed semolina granules, topped with meat – usually beef – and an assortment of at least seven vegetables) and/or bastilla (an elaborate and very exotic meat pie). Dessert generally consists of fresh fruit and “etay,” sweet green tea with mint.

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