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1 What about public restrooms? Administrator 643
2 Can I drink the water? Administrator 667
3 Should I avoid street food? Administrator 640
4 What is Moroccan food like? Administrator 566
5 What is the best way to get money? Administrator 561
6 What medicines should I bring? What if I get sick? Administrator 602
7 Will I be able to exercise during my stay in Morocco? Administrator 567
8 Can I find batteries in Morocco? Administrator 486
9 Should I bring my mobile phone? Administrator 557
10 Will I have access to internet? Administrator 497
11 What about appliances (hair dryers, electric razors, etc.) and electronics? Administrator 507
12 Can I do laundry during my travels? Administrator 521
13 What should I wear? Administrator 644
14 What should I pack? Administrator 528
15 What are the best sites to see in Morocco? Administrator 586
16 Will I need an umbrella? Administrator 490
17 What is the weather going to be like? Administrator 596
18 Do many people speak my language…English/French/Spanish/etc? Administrator 536
19 What are the main languages used in Morocco? Administrator 520

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