Winter Travel To Morocco

Are you trying to escape the cold weather of your winter?

If you live in a country where November-March is unpleasantly cold, Morocco is a great option to visit as a sunny escape. This isn’t to say that Morocco is hot all year – see our weather guide to get an idea of what to expect each month. However, even though it won’t be hot, Morocco does get a lot of sun throughout the whole year. There are many advantages to traveling to Morocco during the winter.

One major advantage to coming to Morocco during the winter months is that it will be quieter and there are less tourists. Don’t be fooled though, there are still plenty of outdoor activities, sights and attractions to explore in winter–including snow skiing!

The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains get cold in winter and snow covers the beautiful jagged peaks. Stay a night or two in the Atlas Mountains and enjoy the gorgeous views! The snow means that travelers can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Many people are surprised at the experience of being able to ski in Africa! One place where travelers are able to ski is in Oukaimeden, which is a resort located close to Marrakech. Ifrane, a small town with a European appearance, is another possible area for less serious skiers. Be aware that the quality of skiing in Morocco is completely dependent on the snow and the temperature that month as the snow is all natural and not artificially created. In some places, you may use a mule instead of a ski lift, making it even more of a unique adventure!

The Sahara Desert

The Sahara is one of Morocco’s main tourist attractions with miles of golden dunes and plenty of activities. Visiting the Sahara Desert in the summer can be nearly unbearably hot during the day; in the winter, you are able to enjoy the dunes all day long. Take in all that this famous desert has to offer from visiting Erg Chebbi dunes, one of the largest sand dunes with picturesque scenery to sand boarding down the dunes and camel riding through the stretches of golden sand. It is a must see, so be sure it is on your itinerary for your tour! Don’t forget to bring a jacket for the mornings and evenings.


Essaouira is a beach resort area which is normally filled with tourists on the beaches during the summer months. During winter, it is a more relaxed area, but the museums and galleries offer a way to explore the area without the crowds.

Marrakech and Casablanca

While the imperial cities remain busy throughout the year, there are less tourists on the streets during the winter months. You can explore the medinas in comfort, wandering the narrow passage ways and buying souvenirs and items at the traditional souks.

Winter Holidays

Most Moroccans don’t celebrate Christmas, though you may see Santa Clauses and fake snow in some store windows in the cities. There are New Year’s celebrations in the larger cities, and you may have the option of having a fancy dinner at your riad. Check out our post on holidays in Morocco for more information.

Though you will most likely get lots of sun during the winter months of Morocco, the temperatures will be cool. Be sure to bring lots of layers so you can stay warm! Check out our packing list for more help knowing what to bring!