Top Outdoor Activities in Morocco

Morocco has gorgeous unique accommodations – but many travelers tell us that they would rather not spend all of their time inside. (Some LOVE resting and relaxing in the riads, and if that’s you, check out some of our suggestions for best spa experiences here.) Morocco’s warm climate throughout the year and variety of landscapes make it a great country in which to enjoy the outdoors!

Here are our best suggestions for how to spend time outside in Morocco (other than walking guided tours of medinas and cultural sites…)


There are some spectacular beaches in Morocco with stretches of golden sand where the Mediterranean Sea laps at the shore. Many of the beaches of Morocco are popular for surfing and wind surfing. Other top watersports at many of the beach resorts include boating, wet biking and scuba diving.

Sahara Desert:

Another sandy option, just with a little less water. The Sahara Desert is popular for walking, hiking and dune surfing or sandboarding. Some of the desert camps offer quad bikes or ATV’s that you can ride up and down the dunes. And of course, don’t forget to take a camel ride!

The Atlas Mountains:

The High Atlas Mountains offer a choice of fantastic outdoor experiences from mountain biking along the narrow pathways as you gaze upon the most beautiful scenery. If you prefer hiking, you can also arrange for a guided hike in the mountains and stop to visit some Berber villages as you explore! This is a wonderful way to combine a cultural experience as well as an active one.

Hiking or Climbing in the gorges:

The Todra Gorges are popular among hikers and rock climbers. If you are interested in rock climbing specifically, there are lots of great places to climb in Morocco! We have a full post about climbing here – check out the options!

Cycling Opportunities:

Agadir, in southern Morocco, is a popular choice for cycling. There are plenty of great sights and landscapes to visit and explore as you make your way through the area on a bicycle. You also might be interested in taking a cycling tour of the palmeries, in Skoura. Skoura is located near Ouarzazate, and makes for a perfect overnight stop on your tour between the desert and Marrakech.
You can also explore Marrakech by bike, if you would like, as there are stations around the city to rent bikes for the day.

Need a little more adventure included in your outdoor experiences? Read on to see what we suggest for adventure travelers..

Did we miss the outdoor activity that you are looking to experience? Contact us and ask if it’s possible to add to your itinerary! We’d be glad to give you our firsthand information.