The Day in the Life of a Berber

Perhaps one of our most enjoyed day trips from Marrakech is The Day in the Life of a Berber! This hands-on cultural day is full of fun, learning, and experiencing Berber culture. It is a day excursion or overnight trip that can easily be added to your Morocco tour. Want to know more?

What Is It?
The Day in the Life of a Berber is a program that has been developed by Mohamed in a small village south of Marrakech. The program is based out of a traditional Berber house that is equipped to hold a fairly large group of people. The program’s intent is to allow visitors to experience more of the real Berber culture.

What Do You Do?
The program is packed full of fun activities like learning to brew mint tea, baking bread in the clay oven, cooking tajine over the coals, and experiencing life as Berbers. Whether you are drawing water from the well or helping harvest olives, the time allows you to get a small glimpse into the rural Berber life.

A Highlight of Your Tour
Most of our tours don’t include The Day in the Life of a Berber, however, for those that have time…it is always a highlight. Read what Jerry and Irma had to say about their trip in 2010! They called it one of the highlights of the entire tour!