The Ameln Valley, Morocco

Are you interested in hiking or trekking in Morocco? If you are outdoorsy travellers, then you might want to consider adding a trip to the Ameln Valley to your Morocco tour itinerary!

This hidden valley paradise is located in the south of Morocco in the Anti Atlas Mountains with unique rock formations, jagged cliffs and some of the most picturesque villages you will ever see. It’s around 5 hours drive south of Marrakech. The most noteworthy town near the valley is Tafraoute, which is one possible place to find accommodations.

The hills are brimming with palm trees, almond trees and Argan trees. The soil here is so fertile that the area has become a popular Argan area. Argan is an olive-like fruit that is used to make oil that is popular for skin treatments. Harvesting argan oil has been one method of bringing jobs to the women of the valley!

There are twenty six villages to explore in the valley with the houses and mosques all painted in red and pink, making them spectacular against the granite rocks of the mountain. Different villages have different appeals, from Jewish cemeteries to natural springs to Berber houses. You may want to hire a guide in order to get the most out of your visit, and avoid getting lost, as the ways are not always clear.

The Ameln Valley’s incredible rock formations are one reason that this area is attractive to visitors. If you come at just the right time, one of the rock formations looks just like its name: The Lion’s Face.

Another sight to see near the Ameln valley are the painted rocks by Jean Verome, a Belgian artist who spray-painted the granite boulders in bright colors back in 1984. The rocks stand out against the beauty of the valley, though they have faded since being painted. There is some other graffiti on top of the paint as well, now, but it’s a fascinating sight to see if you are interested in art or the history of the area!

The Ameln Valley is the ideal place to spend a day or a couple of days. If you want to visit all the villages, take a few days to really get a sense of the area, soak up the culture, and enjoy the beauty of Morocco.