Shopping in Morocco – Perfect Souvenir Gift Ideas

Looking for gifts to bring home from Morocco?

So you booked your Morocco tour and you’re heading off on your trip of a lifetime. Before you even land in Morocco, you are already thinking about the special people in your life and what you could possibly bring them back. You don’t want to forget anyone, yet you don’t have all of the luggage space or money in the world! So what do you do?

Morocco has something for everyone! We have compiled some of our favorite Moroccan souvenirs and where to find them; but not only that, we have grouped them according to your friend / family type.

Best Places To Shop in Morocco

We get a lot of questions about the best places to shop in Morocco and whether or not there will be time to shop on our guided tours. In our opinion, the best places to shop are the souks in the medinas (old cities) of Morocco. Fes and Marrakech have particularly great options for shopping! You will certainly have time to shop on one of our trips. On your tour, you will be taken to some of the places where these items are made, and have an opportunity to purchase any souvenirs you may want to bring back. You can also always ask to stop and examine the items you pass if you see something interesting – that’s the beauty of private tours!

For Yourself

Depending on your personality, you may be looking for something simple for yourself OR you may want to bring home something extra special to remind you of this trip of a lifetime.

Moroccan Berber Carpet – For those of you wishing to bring home something extra special from Morocco, you may want to consider a handcrafted Berber carpet. These rugs come in various shapes, sizes, colors, designs and prices. As you experience the carpet show with your mint-tea in your hands, make sure you clearly think about your room colors and patterns. One last tip: make sure that you are prepared to bargain for your precious gift.

Moroccan Tea Pot – This idea is for those of you who would rather take something small home. Most people love the Moroccan mint-tea (Berber Whiskey). A great idea for a souvenir is to buy a tea pot. There are 2 types of tea pots: There are those for display and those for actually brewing tea on the fire. Make sure you ask your store owner for a “real pot” if you are looking to make tea with it.

Your Spouse / Special Someone

You are the only one who really knows what your spouse or special someone will really enjoy. Will they be worried about the price & quality OR more about the meaning behind the gift?

Arab Carpet – If you want to impress your loved-one, then you might consider buying an Arab carpet. These Arab carpets are famous for the hundred of thousands of knots that make them superior or extra superior. They will show you the government prices, however, you can be ready to bargain for your special person.

925 Berber Silver – My daughters love the silver earrings and necklaces. My friend has a Berber jewelry shop and he showed me the special 925 stamp on the real silver items. Be sure to ask if it is real silver! Ask about the meaning behind the symbols on the jewelry…there are often cultural or religious meanings associated with the designs.

Antiques – If you want to drop some serious cash, you could consider buying something from the antique department. From ornate chests to fine swords, the true antiques of Morocco are stunning. Make sure you get real antiques because some of the stores are well-known for fake goods.

Table Setting – If you are looking for something unique to Morocco, you may be interested in the double-sided embroidery. What makes this needlework so special is that no matter which side you use, they look identical. You can buy whole table settings or just small individual items.

Family Members

When you start thinking about your family members, you need to consider the number of people you are buying for. Space can always be an issue, so you may want to consider smaller items.

Blue Pottery of Fes – Many of our friends who came to visit us in Morocco enjoyed the blue pottery. This hand-painted ceramics makes for wonderful gifts. You can buy individual plates or coasters which can be given to your relatives. Make sure you pack them well because they have been known to break in suitcases.

Brass Trays – If you want to feature the Moroccan design, you could possibly take back a number of small brass trays. Starting from 4 inches in diameter and finishing at a couple of feet, you can find something special for any member of your family. Quality will determine the price!

Close Friends

This is where things can get tricky! For your close friends, you will need to decide on the same thing for everyone OR different gifts for their personalities.

Pure Perfumes – My daughters love the pure Moroccan scented oils like jasmine or musk. You can buy them in little bottles and they last forever. Since they do not have alcohol like traditional perfumes, they last longer on your skin and you only need a small amount. A great place to purchase these are at Berber pharmacies.

Moroccan Leather – A fun gift can be something made from Moroccan leather. You can find purses, wallets, belts and other functional items. Make sure you smell them before you carry them off because some leather is tanned better than others. You may pay more money if you buy these from the shops connected to the tanneries, so keep that in mind as you shop and compare prices.

Scarves – One of my favorite places to visit in Fes is the weavers. You can see the men weaving the scarves and blankets in the traditional styles. These gifts are easy to pack and perfect for friends. You have a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

Friends who will care that you remembered

These are the people who you know would love a present from Morocco. You need to bring something back for them, but you don’t want to spend too much money.

Key Rings – You might want to bring back some of the small but ornate key rings. Whether it is a small yellow slipper or Moroccan flag, it will communicate that you thought of them.

Tea Glass – Another small gift could be a colored Moroccan tea glass. They look beautiful and represent Morocco BUT are not so costly.

Postcards – Another simple way of remembering these friends is to send them a postcard. It says, “You thought of me!”

Other ideas…

Morocco has so many different items that you could buy. A few others of our favorites are leather poofs, Moroccan slippers, dried fruit, spices, jalabas and clothing items.

If you visited Morocco, do you have any ideas that you can share that make good souvenir gifts?