Morocco Tour TripAdvisor Reviews: 3 Things to Remember

Is TripAdvisor really the best place to find reviews about Morocco tours?

Over the past years, TripAdvisor has become one of the authorities on world travel. Millions of people visit TripAdvisor each month to help find travel advice and reviews. The website is extremely powerful but there are a few things that you need to remember when using TripAdvisor for tour reviews.

1. TripAdvisor only reviews day tour companies
According to the guidelines of TripAdvisor, they only review companies that are offering day tours. In theory, TripAdvisor does not allow for “tour companies” who offer multi-day tours to be reviews on their site. This became evident a number of years ago when they started to just delete company profiles and reviews that were about tours of more than a day.

As an example, our company had over 80 five star reviews on TripAdvisor! One day, they all just disappeared. When I called TripAdvisor to ask for help or even to get a copy of the reviews, I was told, “Those reviews do not belong to you but belong to the people who wrote the reviews.” I asked them if they contacted the reviewers to let them know if they were deleting their reviews and they said they did not.

2. Some of the reviews are fake
I was talking with a client of ours around 2 years ago. We were discussing the tourism industry including the impact of TripAdvisor. He shared some shocking information with me. He told me that his daughter worked for a company that helped clients raise their marketing profile. He mentioned that one of the things that they did was to create fake TripAdvisor reviews for their clients. Wow!

A number of my friends own riads in Morocco. We have had major discussions about all of the fake reviews on TripAdvisor. They have given me very specific examples of hotels and riads with fake reviews, so I know that it happens.

3. Understand the ranking system
The final thing to be aware of about TripAdvisor is that they have created their own algorithm for ranking hotels and properties. I do not believe that they have published their ranking system. The key to their system is new reviews, number of reviews and quality of reviews. This is important to know!

Those hotels and restaurants that keep current reviews and are asking clients to leave a review on TripAdvisor will most likely rise to the top. Although this might be good, it really allows for hotels and restaurants to market themselves on TripAdvisor. The small, excellent, local joint will most likely not do well on TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor is an excellent resource, but it is just that! A resource… Make sure you take your time to do due diligence when are looking for your next morocco tour.