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Is Morocco Safe?

With all the different events going on in the world today, an obvious thing to consider before you travel is the safety of the country you will be in.

How safe is Morocco right now?


From over 20 years of experience, we have found that it is highly improbable that you will be put in danger in Morocco. It is considered to be a politically stable country in North Africa and is definitely one worth visiting! Here are some reasons we believe Morocco is safe for tourists in 2024 – from a history of political stability to a proactive approach to security.

1. Stable Government:

The kingdom of Morocco operates under the government structure of a constitutional monarchy. This government structure came under reform after the Arab Spring but has remained stable throughout the changes. The chief of state is King Mohammed VI. There is a prime minister as well, who serves as the head of government. Because of this consistent government, there tends to be peace and stability in Morocco. Morocco takes security very seriously.

Morocco has also been a leading Muslim country in supporting and promoting religious peace between Muslims, Christians, and Jews, which adds to the peaceful atmosphere in the country. They recently had a conference to discuss how Muslims should help protect Christians against persecution. Morocco also is home to the only museum focused on Judaism in the Arab world.

2. Proven stability in North Africa:

Morocco was one of the only countries in North Africa that remained secure during the Arab Spring. In fact, Morocco is an Arab country that is used as a good example of political reform during this time. While there were protests in 2011 and 2012 in Morocco, most protests were peaceful and resulted in constitutional changes that remain in place today. During the protests and calls for change, Moroccan authorities did not use violence like some of their neighboring countries but rather dealt with those protesting peacefully.

3. Safety of tourists in the past:

We have hosted over 6,000 travelers to Morocco with no safety concerns. Tourism is a big part of the Moroccan economy, and the people of Morocco are very welcoming to those who are visiting. In fact, over and over again from our travelers, we hear how safe they felt on their trip! Feel free to ask us to talk to a past traveler or a sales representative living in Morocco to hear their experience.

If there were to be any safety concerns while on tour to Morocco, our local office and on-the-ground travel representatives would be available to help in any way necessary. We have American representatives living with their young children in Morocco. They constantly monitor the safety of Morocco for our travelers.

4. Proactive Approach to Security

The government of Morocco has taken security very seriously. Recently while exploring one of the ancient medinas (Marrakech), I saw numerous polices and security forces on the lookout around tourism sites. They were there to make sure nothing went wrong. We believe that the current government is taking security and safety very serious…which makes Morocco a safer place.

5. Where it isn’t safe:

If you are concerned about safety during your trip to Morocco, here are some practical tips for you.

  • Avoid being in dark, isolated areas, including back alleys.
  • Exercise reasonable discretion with the amount of valuables you carry or jewelry you wear. As in any big city, there might be pickpockets on the lookout for easy targets.
  • Try to stay with a travel companion! Our customized tours have personal drivers that will be with you in case you need anything.
  • Make sure you have the emergency phone number of our 24/7 contact in country
  • If you are a woman, use extra caution in being alone. See our Travel Tips for Ladies.
  • Avoid wearing headphones while jogging so that you remain aware of your surroundings.
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6. Worth a Visit

With all of these considerations in mind, it is clear that Morocco is still a safe and worthwhile country for tourists to visit. Everyone who has visited in the past has been impressed and blown away with the incredible hospitality that they have received when they were there.

Have questions about the safety of Morocco? We live here – and we’d love to tell you more. Feel free to contact us or check out our customer testimonials.

Have questions about the safety of Morocco?

We live here – and we’d love to tell you more.