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Combo Tours – Morocco & Tunisia

Imagine a vacation where you have the opportunity to visit ancient ruins, with the affordable luxury of coastal resorts and the stunning Mediterranean beaches of Tunisia. Add that to medieval cities, modern cities and a maze of souks in Morocco, and you have a trip to remember for a lifetime. That is the advantage of booking a combination tour of the incredible countries of Morocco and Tunisia.

Visit Morocco

Morocco is a country of great distinction and culture. The former capital city of Fes is also one of the world’s oldest cities. This walled, ancient city houses the world’s oldest university, as well as the Merenid Tombs and the local leather tanneries.

Compare that to the cosmopolitan city of Casablanca. It is Morocco’s largest city with nearly four million residents, and home to the largest artificial port in the world. This is a progressive city with affluent, beachfront neighborhoods, European-style cuisine and designer labels for sale inside Africa’s second largest shopping mall.

For a mix of the old and the modern, head to Marrakech. This imperial city offers stunning views of the Atlas Mountains. Expect to find everything from local spices and teapots to kaftans at the native souks. Marrakech also features leather tanneries where the tradition has existed for centuries. Meanwhile you will also find incredible garden settings such as Majorelle that offer a break from the bustling city, as well as the opportunity to tour grand palaces.

The coastal city of Essaouira has been around since the late 18th century, the setting for the film “The Moor of Venice”. It also includes an incredible beach for windsurfing and kite surfing, with its strong currents and wind. Essaouira also hosts the World Music Festival each June.

Not to be missed, either, is the port city of Tangier. This Moroccan city is an exotic mix of several cultures, and a popular port for cruise ships. The American Legation Museum in Tangier features both historical items and artwork. Meanwhile, the Kasbah Museum features artifacts ranging from ancient years to modern years.

Visit Tunisia

Only in recent years has Tunisia gained a budding reputation for tourism. Although small in size, this country is rich in culture and history. With a mix of both modern and ancient cultures, the capital City of Tunis is a destination not to be missed. This city includes fantastic mosques, palaces and a souq where bargain shoppers barter over souvenirs. Tunisia is a laid-back destination for travelers, and more affordable than other options.

Although mountainous to the north, the southern part of Tunisia is desert dry. For travelers looking for an authentic Tunisian vacation, do not miss a trip into the Sahara desert by camel from the town of Douz. You can also choose to travel by four-wheel drive or motorbike. No matter your choice, the amazing experience is one that cannot be duplicated. From the desert to the beach, there is plenty for tourists to do. The crystal clear water of Tunisia’s beaches offers unobstructed views of marine life and the sand below. The island of Djerba, in southern Tunisia, offers a peaceful and relaxing view of life in Tunisia, and is regarded as a top ecological destination.

Tunisia is also rich in history. One of the many historical sites is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Kerkouane features architectural ruins dating back to 3rd century BC. Other ruins include the once trading empire of Carthage. Famously destroyed, then redeveloped again by the Romans, there is plenty to see in Northern Tunisia. The ruins of the Antonin Baths present the largest display of Roman baths outside of Rome. There is also a World War II Cemetery and Memorial for U.S. military personnel, as well as the Presidential Palace, and the remains of the area’s once functional 90-kilometer long aqueduct.

Also in Tunisia, visitors will find El Jem, an ancient Roman town in eastern Tunisia, featuring an amphitheater dating back to the mid 3rd century AD. Also a World Heritage Site, this ancient location also served as a backdrop for the film Gladiator. Not to be outdone, the village of Matmata, in southern Tunisia, served as the setting for several Star Wars movies. The area includes cave dwellings where locals still live. Some are open for tours, as is a small museum.

Choose Both

With a wealth of opportunity, these two travel destinations feature enough options for any imaginative traveler. You do not have to choose, though, when you book a combination tour, encompassing the very best of Morocco and Tunisia.

ally in Morocco

Experience the luxuries of coastal resorts and ancient ruins

Morocco and Tunisia has it all!