Best Travel Gadgets for Your Morocco Tour

Don’t you love it when you find things that make your trip just a little bit easier?

Let’s admit it – we all love finding those time-saving tips or creative ways to stay organized.

It can be very easy to get overwhelmed with what to pack for your trip. It’s hard to stay organized while traveling. You’re in a different country, handling different currencies, and needing things that you may not have even thought of!

If you have a smartphone, it may become one of your most helpful assets. Not only can you use it to call or browse the Internet, you can also use its currency converter, different time zones and other helpful apps.

Here are some travel gadgets that you should be aware of as you are planning for your Morocco tour!

Sleep in Comfort

Having trouble sleeping on those long flights? Can’t stop the tossing and turning? There are a wide range of travel pillows available for purchase. We especially recommend you getting one if you are going to have a long flight from the United States to Morocco or if you have an itinerary with some long drives lined up. A quick Google or Amazon search will provide you with hundreds of options for every different type of sleeper.

Travel Adapters

Outlets in Morocco require plugs with two circular prongs. Voltage in Morocco is usually 220. You will definitely need to make sure that you have an adapter to use!

If you are a frequent traveler, then you might be interested in checking out a universal adapter – a nifty gadget that’s just perfect for those compact suitcases. You can get these on Amazon for a reasonable price.

If you’re an Apple lover, you might want to get the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit, which sports a USB power adapter and a 30-pin to USB cable. In addition, you get a set of seven AC plugs that come ready with prongs – great for fitting into outlets no matter what continent you’re in.

Warning: adapters do not transform the voltage! Be careful with larger appliances – check the labels to see what you can use in Morocco without a transformer.

Never Run Out of Power

Unless you are one of those super prepared travelers, it always seems like your device is about to die at the exact most inconvenient time. It’s hard to remember to charge all of your devices when there is an outlet, especially if you are busy trying to make your airplane connection or make sure you have all of your luggage.

We love travel batteries that hold stored charge for those desperate moments. You can choose from a small little lipstick tube charger that holds just one charge or a bigger battery that holds much more.

Easy To Pack Photography Options

Too much camera equipment never works with valuable luggage space – unless you are an avid photographer. If you’re an amateur, you’ll be pleased to know that there are actually cameras smaller than a quarter, which have the ability to integrate into your smart phone, giving it even better photographic prowess.

PhotoJojo gets you a three-piece set; in a snap, you can take telephoto, fisheye or macro photos.

Other options include small travel cameras or GoPros.

Keeping an Eye on The House

If you are worried about leaving your house alone on a big trip, think about getting a way to monitor the status of your home! There are many high-tech safety options that you can install – some that will even let you know on your smart phone every time someone rings the doorbell!

If this is too much of a commitment for you and you need a cheaper option, consider using the app Presence. It’s a more economical alternative, simply using an extra smart phone to sync up both phones for convenient two-way audio/video communication and monitoring.

Don’t Lose Your Luggage

It’s happened to all of us. You arrive at your destination, but somehow your bags didn’t make it with you. This annoyance can range from a few hour delay to a couple of days delay, which can complicate your travel plans.

A quick Internet search will show you that there are a number of different options for luggage trackers. Simply pack the tracker and connect it to your smartphone and you will always be able to tell where your bags are! Some top rated brands include: LugLoc Luggage Locater and TrakDot.

No Unwanted Noises

Sleep is important as you travel. However, sometimes it can be very difficult to sleep on an airplane with the noise of the others around you – especially if you get seated next to the crying baby. Consider investing in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones to block out your surroundings!

This might also come in handy once you are in Morocco. You never know when there will be a wedding being celebrated outside or when the other guests at the riad will be particularly loud.