Best Time to Visit Morocco: A Weather Guide

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A common misconception about Morocco is that it is scorching hot all year round. However, being a country on the Mediterranean, Morocco actually has four distinct seasons. Though temperatures vary, Morocco is usually very sunny, making it a perfect holiday destination.

Another thing to think about when planning your ideal time to come to Morocco is local holidays and events. For example, traveling during Ramadan will give you a different view of Morocco. Depending on what type of trip you want, these could be times you either want to avoid or especially seek out. Just be aware, so you know what to expect!

Here is an overview of what to expect the weather to be like in Morocco…


Season: These months are summer months, with Morocco at its hottest. The temperature will depend on where you are at in the country: whether you are in the desert or by the coast. The Sahara will be extremely hot in these months, and you’ll only want to be out in the sand in the morning or cooler evening. Don’t be fooled by the extreme heat in the day…nights can be a lot colder, so you’ll still want to have some warm clothing. Major cities in Morocco will also be quite hot for most people during these months as well. If you are planning to come in these months, you’ll want to be sure you include some coastal cities on your itinerary, so that you can cool down a little with the ocean breezes.

Rainfall: There is usually very little rainfall during these months.

Other: If you are visiting in the summer, be sure to keep an eye out for the local festivals that take place!


Season: Fall in Morocco is pretty mild, and you’ll enjoy the temperatures when you are there. You’ll experience lots of sunshine and cooler nights in this season. These months are great times to come to Morocco!

Rainfall: You won’t get much rain during these months.


Season: Yes, Morocco does have a winter season! In the mountains, it will get cold enough for there to be some snow. During this season, it can still be nice and sunny during the day, but the temperatures will be cooler, especially at night.

Rainfall: The months November to January are rainy months, especially in the north of Morocco. There is an average of about 2 inches or less a month, with the most rain coming in November. In Southern Morocco, winter tends to be drier.

Other: Christmas season is definitely a high time for tourists coming to Morocco. Hotels may be more expensive and you’ll want to book in advance to make sure that there is room. If you are looking to hike in the mountains, then you might want to avoid these months, because rain and snow can make for unpleasant conditions.


Season: Spring in Morocco is usually considered the best time to visit. Temperatures are pleasant and it is sunny. Spring is also a beautiful time for the landscape of Morocco as everything is bright and green.

Rainfall: Although May and April are rainy months, you won’t get too much rain with an average of about 2 inches or less each month.

Other: If you are traveling to the Sahara Desert, be aware that there may be sandstorms in April as the winds can be pretty strong. Be aware, also, that around Easter, prices may go up with the increase in tourists coming to Morocco for vacation.

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