A Night Under the Stars in Tunisia

anightunderthestarsNothing quite compares to the adventure of a trek into the Sahara desert and an overnight under the stars of a beautiful clear desert sky. Experience It Tours offers a “Night Under the Stars” tour package for individuals or groups. Both young and old alike enjoy the opportunity to mount up on camels and trek off into the sand dunes for a look at life as a desert dweller.

In Sabria, the last desert village before reaching the dunes, you meet your camel drivers, gentle men who have spent their lives traveling in and out of the desert. They know the Sahara like the back of their hand. After being introduced to your “ride”, you mount your camel and set off past the last of the palm trees, and finally out into the open Sahara Desert. Miles of open sand dunes lie before you, with no sign of modern life in sight.

cameltrekAfter about two hours of travel you are now far into the desert where the dunes become high and magnificent. Your guides will find a flat area for setting up camp and you are free to explore the dunes, climbing and descending until you find the perfect perch for a spectacular sunset.

After the sun has set and you make your way back to camp, your camel drivers will serve you a hot dinner prepared over an open fire. First there is soup, then a main dish of couscous with vegetables. To finish off your dinner there is fresh fruit and hot mint tea. The night is still young, so you have plenty of time to lean back, rest, and relax as your camel drivers entertain you with singing and traditional Bedouin style music by flute and drum.

The adventurous will enjoy sleeping right out in the open, taking in the quiet peacefulness of the desert and the incredible view of stars both near and far. For those opting for more covered arrangements, you have your very own Bedouin style tent, which is a thick heavy rug-type material draped over three sides of mounted posts.

cookingfoodMorning comes with the sun in the desert. As you rise with the growing light your camel drivers have been busy preparing hot bread cooked on the sand, a desert specialty. Along with your bread there is jam, fresh fruits, and a hot cup of tea. After breakfast your camel drivers will start closing up camp and you are free to spend a little more time taking in all the desert has to offer. When the camels are fully loaded and you’ve taken as many pictures as you want, you again mount your ride back to civilization. The slow quiet trek back to the desert village of Sabria allows time for reflection on your desert experience.

Most people return from a Sahara Desert trek with it’s vast beautiful dunes and peaceful atmosphere etched into their minds, as well as an immense respect for those who brave the extremes and call it home. The refreshing trip is one every member of the family will enjoy and remember, and an experience you don’t want to miss in North Africa.


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