Tangier city in Morocco

7 Best Things To Do In Tangier

Tangier is a port city in the north of Morocco. It’s a great place to start your trip if you are coming in from Spain or if you are looking to start your tour in the North of Morocco! Tangier feels a little bit more European than other major cities in Morocco because of its proximity to Spain. The city has an interesting history, having captured the fascination of writers and artists throughout its past. It has also been used in several films. Here are our best ideas of how to spend your time in Tangier!

Coffee in Tangier, Morocco
Stopping in a cafe is always a good idea!

1. Visit the American Legation Museum

Do you know which country was the first to recognize the United States as an official country? That’s right, it was Morocco! Because of this, Morocco holds the only national monument outside of the United States. This museum tells about the history between the United States and Morocco and even has a tribute room to American writer Paul Bowles.

2. See the Grand Socco

The Grand Socco is the main square of Tangier. It used to be a thriving marketplace but now serves to connect the Medina (old city) with the newer part of the city. Have a seat on one of the benches and watch people go about their daily lives. It might feel like a bit of a clash of times…on one side you will see lines of cars and taxis and on the other side begins the entrance to the old city. If you want to go see a movie, check out the Cinema Rif!

3. Experience the Cave of Hercules

The cave or grotto of Hercules is located about 14 km outside of the city, so this will be a fun excursion if you have a little more time in the city. These caves get their name because legend has it that Hercules rested in these caves after completing the 12 labors that would give him immortality. A unique aspect of these caves is that they have a sea window that is shaped like the continent of Africa! It is a popular tourist attraction, so there will be a small entrance fee.

4. View the Kasbah

The Kasbah is one of the three main sections of Tangier, the other two being the Medina and the New City. These ancient fortifications are located on the hill of Tangier and provide a good overlooking of the water. Visit the Kasbah Museum, which is a 17th-century palace. In this museum, there is a lot of Morocco’s history on display, including pieces from Roman ruins and special displays of Tangier’s own history.

5. Wander the Medina

The Medina is the old city of Tangier and is another of the main sections of this city. Wander through the small streets and look at the different boutiques and shops. Enjoy the different architectural styles that you will see-the Andalusian influence will no doubt be present due to the history and geographical location of this city! The center of the Medina is the Petit Socco, a square where you can stop and get a cup of tea or coffee.

Touring Cap Spartel in Tangier Morocco
Where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean meet!

6. Visit Cap Spartel

The lighthouse at Cap Spartel is close to the Cave of Hercules. This is the point where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet! You can have a cup of mint tea as you look over the beautiful water or walk along the pathway. Take photos at the sign to mark your visit!

The Cap Spartel Lighthouse in Tangier Morocco
The lighthouse at Cap Spartel!

7. Learn at St. Andrew’s Church

If you are interested in religious history, then you will want to stop at St. Andrew’s Church. This church’s construction was finished in 1905. It is a fascinating location because it is a worship place for Anglicans, but also marks the direction of Mecca for Muslim prayer. There are both carved quotes from the Quran and the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic. Also, there are some interesting personages buried in the graveyard, including generals.

We hope that these are helpful ideas for your time in Tangier! If you are looking for a tour of Morocco from Spain, check out our itineraries that start in Tangier today.