5 Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling to Morocco

Are you considering a trip to Morocco?
Are you worried if it will be safe to travel there?

We value the safety of all travelers to Morocco…especially those who are traveling with our company. Here are a few thoughts on the safety of traveling to Morocco.

Overall Security of Morocco

Since I moved to Morocco with my family in 2001, we have always felt that Morocco was very safe and secure. Even during the Arab Spring, Morocco maintained its position as one of the safest countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The Moroccan government takes the security of its visitors and countrymen very seriously.

Our general overall conclusion of the safety of Morocco is that it is currently perfectly safe to travel to Morocco.

5 Ideas for Staying Safe in Morocco

As you travel to Morocco, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind while on the ground. We are not concerned about your personal physical safety, however, you will want to be aware of your belongings. This is the same as when you travel to any major city.

1. Watch your wallet:

Like every country in the world, there are people who make their living taking advantage of unsuspecting travelers. As you walk in the busy markets and squares, make sure that you are aware of your wallet or phone. We have known a few people over the years to have their wallets or phones stolen…without them even knowing it. Be extra mindful when you are around lots of people, or on public transportation.

2. Protect your passport:

Losing your passport in a foreign country is very stressful. Make sure that you take some precautions to keep your passport safe. We highly recommend you making a color photocopy of your main passport page in case something does happen. Another simple solution is to keep a scanned copy of your passport in the cloud – just in case! There are usually safes in the riads where you can keep your passports in order to ensure that they are guarded at all times.

3. Watch your time and the surroundings:

There are some places in Morocco where you will want to be in your hotel by later in the evening. Morocco is not a place of violent crimes, however, you will want to use good sense so that you do not put yourself in harm’s way. We would recommend that you keep an eye on your surroundings to get your clue of when to head home. During the summer months, the streets are teeming with people; however during the winter months, the roads clear out early. Watch what others are doing, and follow their example!

In Ramadan, the streets will be especially empty in the evening, as everyone is home with their families breaking the fast. Later at night, there may be more people about as everyone is awake, but use extra caution so that you aren’t outside alone at the breaking of the fast.

4. Women alone or not alone?:

If you are on a private tour of Morocco with your driver, you will not have any troubles as a woman. We have had a number of solo lady travelers who have enjoyed their time in Morocco without any safety concerns. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no issues. There is one thing that you will want to remember! Ladies wandering alone will get the looks and comments of the men sitting in cafes. If you are concerned as a lady while traveling in Morocco, I would recommend dressing culturally appropriately.

5. Watch out for the con!

One last piece of advice for those of you traveling to Morocco. There are a number of young men and women who try to play the con game. Do not be alarmed – Morocco is well known for its hospitality! 95% of the people in Morocco are wonderfully hospitable and genuine. However, like any country, there is a small percentage that will try to lure you into to buying carpets and other Moroccan goods. Just be aware!

A problem that some travelers who come on their own to Morocco have is that of the false guide. As you walk through the medina in any major city, you will be sure to hear offers to take you and show you the sights or show you where to find “the best restaurant” or “the most beautiful Berber carpets – at the best price.” This is very normal. Just learn to say no politely, and keep moving on. On a private tour to Morocco (which we recommend), you won’t have this problem as much, as you should have a licensed guide with you.

Above all – use common sense!

If you are alert and aware of your surroundings, you will be fine. People in Morocco are very helpful and welcoming to tourists and travelers, so you will be helped if you should need any assistance. With our company on a private tour, we always have representatives living in Morocco that would be available in case of an emergency or any problems.