5 Restaurants in Marrakech You Need To Try

Looking for some great restaurants in Marrakech?

Marrakech is one of the top destinations in Morocco right now, and foodies love it for its range of delicious eating options. Some restaurants are cultural and historic and serve traditional Moroccan food just like you would get at a local house. Other restaurants have a more modern twist to them, combining Moroccan flavors with other cooking styles.

We highly recommend trying traditional food at small hole in the wall restaurants and places that aren’t quite as pricy. However, there are going to be some nights where you will want to splurge and branch out a bit from the main meals you have been eating. We have compiled a list of 5 restaurants that you should try to eat at while you are exploring Marrakech!

As a traveler to Morocco, if one of your concerns about visiting this exciting country is the kind of food available, you need not worry. From basic Arabic to the most exquisite fusion cuisine, the best restaurants serve it all.

Here are 5 restaurants that you should arrange to eat at during your Marrakech stay!

1: Al Fassia

Apart from the modern touch given to Moroccan cuisine at Al Fassia, perhaps, one of the biggest reasons most people visit the restaurant is to experience cooking at the hands of the all-women chef team! Yes, Al Fassia is exclusively run by women chefs!

This restaurant is classified as one of the best places that serve traditional food with authentic Moroccan spices as the star of every dish. Some much acclaimed favorites here include Bastilla made with light pastry and beautifully cooked meat and Lamb Roast, a specialty that is often ordered in advance by regular diners.
If you want to try some of the best, world renowned local dishes without the fear of eating off a disposable plate at a Medina stall, Al Fassia is your best bet.

2: Chez Chegrouni

Before you visit Chez Chegrouni, leave aside your desire for an exaggerated meal. This small yet cozy restaurant is the finest in all of Marrakech in terms of food. No frills attached, Chez Chegrouni is one of those simplistic places where you will get to write down your own order on a piece of paper and wait for the dishes to arrive as and when they are prepared.

3: Bo-Zin

Located in the new Marrakech district, there is nothing old-fashioned about Bo-Zin. The bar lounge eatery is a favorite among people who prefer to make their meals last at least a few hours, if not all evening. One of the main attractions at Bo-Zin is the ambiance. Eating under the lights from the center candles makes for a very romantic meal for two that can later be shifted to the lounge during a session of drinks.

‘Asia meets Africa’ is the theme of this chic restaurant that offers a fun and hip environment with loud music and a garden that is crowded with those in for a party. Apart from the ambiance, the food at Bo-Zin is a delightful fusion of French, Japanese, Thai, Moroccan and African, all intertwined to create new dishes and make the old ones even more exotic.

4: Catanzaro

For a country as diverse as Morocco, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see locals discuss business over some delicious pizza. Catanzaro is one of the most famous pizzerias in Marrakech, often crowded with businessmen, in for a bite, or families cramping to make room for some friends.

Serving varieties like thin crust, oven fried pizzas, steaks and some French cuisine, Catanzaro is also one of those places where you will find the most foreigners. If you want a comfortable meal at this restaurant, make sure you book in advance because if you show up randomly, you will surely face the kind of popularity this small pizzeria has attracted.

5: Crystal

A modern touch of deco-wood interior at the Crystal is warm and inviting. With a central chimney as the focal point of the huge dining room, this restaurant attracts the most elite crowd in the city. If you want to indulge in some Italian and Mediteranean food like pastas, ravioli and polenta, Crystal will become your new standard.

Outdoor seating by the palm outlined pool is also a delightful surprise in the summer months. Make sure you book in advance before arriving at this popular restaurant.

Try them all! If you have dietary restrictions – check out our posts about vegan and vegetarian tips for Morocco travel.

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