5 Must-See Destinations in Morocco

Where should you go in Morocco?

Here are some of our recommendations.

Beautiful mountain ranges and vast deserts await you when you visit Morocco. But that isn’t all “The Kingdom of the West” has to offer to tourists looking for a great time. While some people are concerned about traveling in Northern Africa, based on what we’ve seen over the last few decades, Morocco is a very stable region to explore. We’ll give you some pointers later on for how to stay safe when traveling, but let’s get to the fun part now — Whether you’re looking to learn more about the history of this great land or want to experience Moroccan culture, these five destinations in Morocco deserve to be on your must-see list!


1. The Sahara Desert – The Golden Dunes: If you’ve ever been out at sea so far away from land where all you can see is water, then you know the feeling you’ll get when you look at the sprawling golden dunes of Merzouga. While this adventure isn’t for the faint at heart (it’s a bit of an excursion), you will not regret venturing out. Peace and tranquility is abundant in this landscape, and you can spend time either at an inn or in your very own Berber tent. You can arrange a private tour or go it alone depending on your comfort level for traveling. Enjoy the beautiful landscape, gaze at the bright stars that are untouched by light pollution, and eat traditional Moroccan cuisine. For more information about the Sahara, read our complete guide.

TRAVEL TIP 1: Note that as you leave the urban areas and large cities, fewer and fewer people will speak English. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time out in the rural regions, it may benefit you to learn some Arabic or French phrases to fall back on if English doesn’t work.

2. Casablanca – Hassan II Mosque: Welcome to one of the largest mosques in the world. It’s a beautiful example of pure Moroccan architecture, and actually is the only one in Casablanca that non-Muslims may enter. Guided tours are available in multiple languages. Make sure to check available times for visitation and tours before dedicating your day to seeing this hand-crafted mosque.


TRAVEL TIP 2: In the Moroccan culture, women often dress modestly even though it is very hot. While Western culture is fine with women dressing in tank tops and shorts, it is sometimes best to err on the side of what local tastes and culture dictates. Pack airy and light clothing, or better yet: purchase some of the local clothing! Read our packing list here.

3. Marrakech – Jardin Majorelle: Also known as The Red City, Marrakech is a truly magical place and one definitely worth visiting while in Morocco. It holds so much, you probably will want to set aside a few days to explore this ancient city. Markets, gardens, and food stands are available at every turn. The stunning Jardin Marjoelle is a beautiful garden, tucked away from the busy streets. There is also a Berber museum inside the gardens, and while it costs a little extra, it dives into the immense history and culture of the region.


TRAVEL TIP 3: In larger cities or crowded places, such as markets and tourist attractions, make sure you keep all valuables tucked close to your body. While many people’s main concern in Morocco is unrest, that’s highly unlikely; pickpocketing however, especially if you look like a Westerner, is much more likely to occur. If possible, leave many valuables, like jewelry, at home before you travel. Invest in a wrist band where you can stash your credit cards and money. Backpacks are not a great idea since they are behind you and can easily be unzipped.

4. Chefchaouen – Rif Mountains: Chefchaouen (also known as Chaouen), is a comfortable town ideal for someone who wants affordable accommodations and a lot to do. The main square of the town is packed with cafes where both locals and tourists come together. From the cobblestone streets, you’ll get a view of the beautiful Rif Mountains, towering above. For anyone who enjoys the outdoors, this town is ideal: hiking, backpacking and swimming in the mountain streams are only a stone’s throw away from where you’ll be staying. In the older section of Chefchaouen, you’ll find the streets and buildings are painted a brilliant sky blue.


TRAVEL TIP 4: If you’re planning on doing a lot of outdoor activities, it may be best to bring water purification tablets along with you. You can buy bottled water in most of the larger towns, but in the smaller towns, you should pack either the tablets or a filtration system. Never drink water if it’s tap or well water. Even though locals might, it may wreak havoc on your digestive system. If you have to drink tap water, boil it first to ensure any bacteria is killed.


5. Essaouira – The Sea Town: If you’re in Marrakech and want to experience a different setting, only 3 hours away by bus, you’ll find Essaouira. You’ll find nature and wildlife tours on this trip to Essaouira, and if you’re into kitesurfing, paddle boarding, or windsurfing, you’ve come to the right place. This setting is very artist-friendly, and it’s a great place to pick up a true souvenir. Hotels of all varieties are available, too, so if you’d like to finish out your stay at a 5 star hotel, you can find it here!

TRAVEL TIP 5: If you’re going to Morocco for the night life, you’ll want to stick to the main cities and travel with friends. In the larger cities like Casablanca or Marrakech, you’ll be able to find bars and nightclubs, and hashish is readily available in Morocco. Stick with your friends and keep an eye out for one another; just like in any large city, even in the United States, stay away from strange alleys at night and stay alert. Don’t wear headphones when walking, especially at night. Muggings and pickpocketing is the most common issue tourists have in Morocco. If you’re alert and traveling in a group, you’ll be fine.

Morocco is a beautiful country that deserves to be higher up on the map of potential destinations for people. If any of these cities or locations sound interesting to you and you’d like to learn more about how to make a Moroccan vacation possible, get in touch! We would love to sit down and show you everything Morocco has to offer you.

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