5 Best Restaurants in Fes, Morocco

You can’t go wrong with food in Morocco – and Fes is no exception.

But with the wide range of foods offered, how do you know which ones to choose?

We have compiled a list of 5 of our favorite restaurants for you to try while in Morocco.

Everyone has stereotypical ideas of what to expect when coming to Morocco and trying the cuisine. However, even the most seasoned travelers are sure to find some new surprises, though, when searching for the best dining locations in the medieval city of Fes. The search for some of the most authentic, and delectable meals in the entire city leads us to five prime locations. These five restaurants are fantastic in their own right, individually offering a wide variety of either Moroccan or Mediterranean-inspired choices sure to fit a number of differing tastes and budgets.

La Maison Bleue

If you are in search of a gourmet meal, La Maison Bleue describes its location as one of “the most Romantic Hotels of the World”. A former 20th-century home is the setting for this upscale dining location where you are greeted as a guest of the home as soon as you enter.

Expect to find traditional Moroccan food, with a set, four-course menu that changes seasonally. The location includes candlelit tables situated within three cozy salons. While eating in the marble courtyard, you will be serenaded by musicians and the soft tranquility of a fountain. If you hope to eat here, make sure you make reservations ahead of time. (For other ideas of romantic things to do in Morocco: click here.

Maison Blanche

Another gourmet choice sure to tempt your taste buds is Maison Blanche. While the restaurant does not serve traditional Moroccan food, the French and Mediterranean choices are excellent.

With modern furniture, and a stylish interior, Maison Blanche is very different from many of the other restaurants in the area. The menu is seasonal, with an extensive wine list. At Maison Blanche, wine is available by the glass. While the restaurant is unique and elegant, the prices are on the higher end for this contemporary dining location.

Najmat Souafine

Traditional meets contemporary at the stylish Najmat Souafine. The restaurant features inventive selections based more on the freshest ingredients of the day than a set menu.
Located in the Ziat district, Najmat Souafine features both Mediterranean and Moroccan choices while diners sit within a shady terrace.

Because some choices are small and a la carte, the location is open to a wider audience with varying price points in mind. While the restaurant serves as a romantic location for some diners, families with children are also welcome. On top of the restaurant is an expansive terrace for seating outside. Najmat Souafine is open for lunch, dinner and late-night meals.

Café Clock

If you have ever wondered what camel tastes like, wonder no more. Camel burgers are on the menu at Café Clock, and they are plentiful. Although the restaurant is not easy to find, it serves as a secluded haven of interesting local cuisine once you arrive.

A restored townhouse is the setting for this eccentric location, also serving tofu, quinoa, grilled chicken sandwiches and delicious desserts such as the lemon tart. There are also featured daily specials. Expect to find a mix of traditional fare with some European influence. The hip restaurant is a favorite of tourists, serving food all day long for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are interested in taking a cooking class while in Morocco, this would be a great location to check out!

Dar Touria

If you have a healthy appetite, Dar Touria is known for serving diners a virtual feast. The restaurant is an old house, which was turned into a restaurant. It is close, however, to a number of guesthouses.

The traditional Moroccan food includes salads and some diners report more than a dozen dishes in a first course. The restaurant is a great choice for families, but go on an empty stomach so that you can enjoy all of the various choices. Dar Touria is open for dinner and late-night meals. Enjoy a splendid view of Fes from the restaurant’s rooftop. If you are worried about finding the restaurant, a guide can take you from your hotel to the restaurant, and back again.

Notes on Alcohol in Morocco:

It is worth noting that although large hotels and villas normally have stocked bars, many Fes restaurants do not have licenses to serve alcohol. Sometimes owners do allow patrons to bring in their own wine. If you are unsure, it is best to ask before you sit down for a meal.

Whichever restaurant you choose, be sure to delight in all of the various choices while traveling through Fes. You will not regret opening your palate to some exciting new creations.