5 Beach Towns To Visit In Morocco

Morocco is known to be rich in culture, heritage and tons of natural beauty…but Morocco also doesn’t lag behind in beach fun.

Being a hub of religious and cultural activity, most of the small cities and towns of this country are famous for the lively environment evident all day long. The hustle bustle of the ‘medina’ or city center makes Morocco one of the most diverse countries along the African belt.

Being one of three countries, including France and Spain, to lie on Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, Morocco is home to many beautiful beaches that boast an all-year-round warm climate. White sand, clear water and hundreds of interesting activities attract throngs of tourists to these beaches and coastal towns every season.

However, unlike other coastal regions of the world, the small towns and beach settlements of this country have hardly been explored. Untouched and unspoiled, the Moroccan beaches in towns like Safi, Adagir, and Asilah are a true representation of natural beauty. While some of the beaches have been developed in modern times, with resorts, water sport activities and many more amenities, plenty of other sights remain undeveloped. In other words, they are havens for relaxation and offer the best opportunity to reconnect with nature on your tour to Morocco.

With this mix of coastal towns, the beaches in the country should be a top pick for tourists visiting Morocco for the first time. Not only will a coastal town trip add lots of fun to your vacation, it will also be an educational journey through the historic times the country has been through.

The top 5 beach towns to visit in Morocco are:

1. Essaouira

Essaouira is a fortified fishing town west of Marrakech. As it is so close to one of the most developed cities of Morocco, Essaouira is easy to reach and is much more developed than other beach towns. Therefore, most of the tourist population ends up visiting this small and historic town to experience some fun and sun at the beach.

To a modern independent traveler, Essaouira may feel quite battered and worn out. It has a humble and quiet appearance that reflects its historic past. In sharp contrast to this quietness are bustling streets that dot the town in several places, lined with wood crafted material, freshly caught fish, and small artifacts.

Being a fortress town, the presence of cannons inserted in a wall along a strip of beach is one of the most dominating sights in the city. The beach town is known for kitesurfing and windsurfing apart from other water sports. If you plan on spending some time here after relaxing at the beach, these activities can keep you busy.

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2. Adagir

Unlike many beach towns, Adagir is one of the biggest and most developed coastal cities in Morocco. Located in the center of the country on the Atlantic Ocean belt, Adagir is home to many international standard beaches, parks and attractions that boast of Moroccan heritage and culture.

Feel at home with a downtown that is lined with modern cafes, casinos, restaurants, modern shopping outlets and some fun filled activities at the seaside!

3. Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima lies on the Mediterranean belt of Morocco. This beach town is one of the most famous tourist destinations in all of Morocco because of the abundance of private and isolated beaches along with a scenic view of the Rif Mountains.

The center of Al Hoceima is a replica of the Colonial times, with stone buildings and colonial inspired architecture. You’ll enjoy exploring the small town by foot when you aren’t at the beach. During your stay make sure you visit Plage Asfiha, a golden sand beach bordering very close to Spain. Take an evening stroll here or hike up the Rif Mountains for a spectacular view of the Al Hoceima coastline.

4. Asilah

Asilah is a small beach town located in Northern Morocco. The town has white and blue tones to it, similar to the blue town of Chefchaouen. This beach town is quaint and fun to wander through…making it popular among foreign travelers. Asilah also has some of the best spots to view the sunset that can take your breath away.

5. Safi

Another fishing port, Safi, lies on the Western side of Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean. Opening into the ocean and its clear waters, this beach town is one of the smaller ones in Morocco. The beach is only a short walk from the main Medina where plenty of stalls will attract your attention. Safi is home to some of the best craftsmen in Morocco…enjoy seeing beautifully curved vases, plates and other pottery items.

The best beach in this town is the Paradise Beach where you can have fun in the water, take a camel ride or even play games like soccer and netball. From June to September, festive season begins in this small settlement town.

Are you looking for an above-average beach vacation? Try Morocco!

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