2 Ideas For Day Excursions from Fes, Morocco

Are you looking for some day trips from Fes?

Here are 2 day excursions that are worth adding into your itinerary, if you have time!

1. Volubilis / Meknes – Roman & Imperial Cities

Perhaps the most popular day excursion from Fes is a full day trip to the Roman Ruins of Volubilis and then Meknes.

If you start out around 9:00 am, you will have about a 1.5 hour drive to Volubilis. We recommend getting an early start because when the sun is out, Volubilis can be quite hot. We recommend that you have your private driver take you directly to Volubilis to meet your guide. Note: It is possible to head to Volubilis with public transportation, but it will take quite a bit more time.

Volubilis is Moroccco’s finest Roman site with some fabulous mosaics still in their original positions. Spending around 1 – 2 hours will be enough time to allow you to explore this ancient site.

From Volubilis, you can drive to the Imperial City of Meknes (which is about 30 minutes away). Meknes was the home of Moulay Ismael and contains some of his historical sites. You may want to explore the underground granaries and stables.

If you have time, you may want to also include a side trip to Moulay Idriss. This is one of Morocco’s holiest cities. The tomb of Moulay Idriss is open only to Muslims, but non-Muslims can have a good view of the area.

2. Middle Atlas Mountains

The second most popular day excursion from Fes is one into the Middle Atlas Mountains. Again, this excursion is done best with a private driver, however, you could take public transport into the region.

As you set out into the Middle Atlas, I would recommend visiting a few keys towns and villages. You could start off by heading to Sefrou. Sefrou is well known for the old Jewish community, as well as the cave houses.

From Sefrou, you can then move on to Azrou and Ifrane Azrou has some fantastic little shops and a great place for lunch. I would recommend eating some rotisserie chicken overlooking the beautiful mosque in the city center.

Ifrane is called the “Switzerland” of Morocco. With the steep, sloped roofs, Ifrane is where many Moroccan’s travel in the winter and summer. There is a little ski slope in the surrounding area, so Ifrane can be a popular place when snow falls.

Where can you find more information about these trips?

If you are interested in adding these trips into your custom designed itinerary, just talk to our sales team. Most of our private tours already include both of these day trips.