13 Stories That Prove Our Drivers Actually Work Magic

If you haven’t decided on private tour vs. group tour yet, this post might be the game-changer.

You might be asking yourself, “Why is having a private driver so important?”

Handpicked private drivers are part of what makes Experience It Tours stand out.

Read for yourself how our drivers transformed ordinary tours into extraordinary memories!


Several examples come to mind: after we briefly mentioned that we are interested in arts (collecting), he unexpectedly made an unscheduled stop for a visit of a recently opened museum of Moroccan modern art in Rabat (we were more than impressed with the collection – we loved it). We mentioned that we prefer local food over food prepared to accommodate tourists. As a result of the places he picked for lunch we had some of the most memorable food experiences of our life. While on the road, we had long discussions of Moroccan history, culture, religion, family life, education, and political structure. His knowledge and understanding of his country was beyond excellent. His love for his country, its people, and its culture did shine. Over the two weeks we shared with him, he became our travel companion. Rachid made this tour the best vacation we ever had.” -Alexander

“After spending just a few days with him, he became a friend. Mohamed made sure that we were able to take all of the photos we wanted. He appreciated that I am a geologist and made some adjustments to the route to show me interesting features and made sure I had opportunities to add to my mineral collection. The local (city) guides that he selected for us were insightful and friendly. Most of all, he listened to us and adjusted our itinerary to satisfy our interests. He went the extra mile on Kathleen’s birthday when he ordered a cake to be delivered at our dinner.” – Joe

A cultural experience happened when we were invited unexpectedly for tea and then dinner at the home of a relative of our driver. It gave us the inside view of another part of Moroccan life.” – W & L

“He quickly found out our interests and made suggestions for activities not on the original trip, enriching and personalizing our experience. For example, he drove miles out of his way to take us to see a local weekly farmers market and on the last day, took us to the fish market in Essaouira where he bought delicious fresh seafood which was then cooked especially for us in a local restaurant. A perfect end to a fantastic trip and something we would never have managed, travelling alone. He was also flexible and allowed us to include a side trip to the Musée des sources (Lalla Mimouna) which we heard was of interest.” -Rosslyn

“He went above and beyond to make sure we had the best vacation possible. Additionally, when Majid found out it was my birthday he went out and bought a cake to help me celebrate. I thought that was really awesome!”-Matt

“As you know I have a six year old and Younes kept him entertained with stories and games.” -Ami

“When we were in Tarouante, we decided not to drive all the way to Tafraoute for a day trip (estimated to be about 3 hrs. each way) so we were looking for alternatives for the second day. We had a city guide who recommended we go to Sousa, and happened to run into Rachid while on our city tour and mentioned to him that we’d like to drive to Sousa the next day. We wanted to go to the souks in the a.m. so agreed to meet Rachid at 12:30. Rachid spent his morning checking out Sousa, arranged for us to have lunch is the courtyard of a lovely dar surrounded by orange groves with a fountain with rose petals in it and a great meal and oranges picked from the trees in front of us for dessert with cinnamon of course, and also checked out a tour and a guide through the palmera – he even got references on the guide to be sure he was good/honest. Rachid also took us to an Argan Oil Cooperative where we watched women in all stages of processing the argan oil – a fabulous half-day which Rachid very carefully arranged on the spur of the moment. Also I might add Rachid is a terrific ambassador for Experience It! Tours and for Morocco. In short you have a real gem of a driver!” -Dorothy


“Mohamed went above and beyond his duties. I had a headache one night and he offered to pick up aspirin and bring it to our room, just one example of his kindness. He amazed us on how well he knows his country and all its intricacies and side roads. Our comfort was his number one concern from the first second of the day to the very last in the evening. Mohamed even made an unscheduled drop off and pickup on his time so we can see and experience Jemaa el Fna in the evening. He had to leave the soccer match where Morocco won for the first time in the last seconds to meet us. We were happy to share his joy as the team made the semi finals!” -Allan

“When we were oh sooo hot on the road he stopped at a hotel, spoke politely to the receptionist, and managed to get them to allow us into their pool for an hour…it wasn’t our hotel!!“-Eric

When one of us was not feeling well and did not joined us dinner, Driss was quick to suggest we take away food for our friend, in case he got hungry later in the night. That was certainly very thoughtful of him. Back in Casablanca, when we mentioned we wanted to visit the morocco mall, he was nice enough to drive us there and pick us back in a few hours’ time, enough for some of us who are shopaholics!” -Phing

“I am especially grateful for Khalid and the attention he gave to my niece. She is a 13 year old girl and because of this trip and Khalid – she is excited to visit the world and meet people and holds many memories of the sights and people of Morocco. What a beautiful country.” -Julie


“Aware that my wife was vegetarian and that this is not a common lifestyle in Morocco, Mr. Mahraz kindly made sure to let lodgings where dinner would be served know this and to take us to restaurants providing sufficient options to vegetarians.” -Jose

Whether it is by celebrating a special occasion, tailoring your trip to make sure you can experience your interests or inspiring young people to want to travel more, our drivers are definitely a huge part of making our Morocco trips into memorable experiences.

We are privileged to work with such fun, professional, hospitable and knowledgeable people!