Fast Facts about Morocco

Overview: Capital: Rabat Official language: Arabic Major Religion: Islam Government: Constitutional Monarchy King: Muhammad VI Population: 33.01 million (2013) Currency: Dirham International dialling code: +212 Visas: Citizens of the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand are granted 3 month visa stamps upon arrival. All visitors require a passport. Dress Tips: While there is no uniform dress code in Morocco , it is still important to remember that this is a religious nation, and to dress accordingly. Modest dress …

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Getting around Morocco

Overview: Private / Circuit Tour: Join one of our circuit tours of Morocco, with all transportation included. Rent a car or van: Rent a car for personal freedom to go traveling the country, or rent a van and driver for your group. By Train: Morocco has a fantastic train system, with connections between many of the major cities. Check for schedules and fares. Tickets can be purchased at the train station. By Bus: Some cities are not connected by …

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Women In Morocco

Overview: Morocco is one of the leading countries in the Arab world in regards to women’s rights and freedoms. While there are still very definite gender gaps in culture, Morocco has made many significant reforms. In 2003, King Muhammad VI passed an historical family law called Mudawana. In it, he makes men and women jointly responsible for their homes, without the legal obligation for a woman to obey her husband. It makes it illegal for men and women to be …

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Overview: STRUCTURE OF SCHOOL SYSTEM Primary Education: Age level: 6-12 Length: 6 years Fundamental Secondary Education: Age level: 12-15 Length: 3 years General Secondary [letters, sciences, or maths]: Age level: 15-18 Length: 3 years Diploma: Baccalauréat Alternative: Technical Secondary: Diploma: Baccalauréat Technique Higher Education: Higher education is offered by public universities, technical schools, engineering schools and teacher-training schools. There are also institutions that specialize in professional training for science, technology, law, economics, administration, and social sciences. Morocco has about 230,000 …

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Morocco Tours – Your Way!

Over the past 9 years of doing business, we have heard from many of our clients stating that the custom design Morocco tour is the way to go. Some companies focus on set tours, but Experience It! Tours has decided to work with our clients to create the perfect Morocco tour. We need your input, your ideas, and your desires to help us create the ideal Morocco tour.

Date Night at Riad Dar Dmana

live and work here in Fes, Morocco and wanted to take my wife to a nice place to eat. We were recommended to try Riad Dar Dmana and wow were we impressed! Our first thought upon entering this lovely restored traditional house was “Wow wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a place like this!” We were warmly welcomed at the door and escorted to courtyard area where the tables were arranged in traditional Moroccan fashion with antique looking Frashes …

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Experience the Rugs and Handicrafts at Morocco Tours

If you happen go for a Morocco Tours, do not miss out on buying Rugs and Handicrafts there. Moroccan women are making rugs and amazing carpets for millennia. Moroccan rugs are obtainable now only for those people who are eager to pay the price. Making of one rug could take a month or even more than a year to finish. Moroccan rugs are well-known for their excellence, both in workmanship and ranges of colors.

Plan your vacation to Morocco

From enticing cultural tours to exhilarating outdoor adventures, Morocco tours have earned a reputation of excellence from travelers around the world. Most people like to start with a tour of the city that they arrive. The majority of the Moroccan cities are bustling with activity and full of things to see and experience. There are Berber Kasbahs, Roman ruins, and many other interesting sights. Some places are well renowned for their interesting architecture while others are known for their historical …

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Morocco Climate for Travel

Morocco which is located in the North West corner of Africa is embellished with mountains to deserts, to green river valleys and sandy coastlines. Thus the climate alters, confirming to the Morocco geography. Over all, the climate is quite dry and receives very less rainfall during some month of the year. Marrakech and Agadir are the only two places which enjoy relatively moderate climate. The climatic condition along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines is fairly moderate. During summer seasons it …

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“A wonderful time in Morocco”

We had a wonderful time in Morocco and Youssef Maamri was an absolute gem! We enjoyed his company very much, he managed to find a really good balance with the information that he was providing (not too much, which we wouldn’t remember anyway but enough to make everything very interesting), he was a very good driver – we had great confidence in his ability (important on winding mountain roads and flooded roads as we experienced), he was very attentive to …

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