Morocco Guided Tours

It’s amazing how much history is in each city of Morocco. Fes, for example, has been around for over one thousand years. The stories and cultural meanings behind major buildings, mosques and schools, are hidden to visitors with no prior knowledge of Morocco. That’s why we advise taking guided tours of the main cities of Morocco. Your eyes will be opened to a wealth of knowledge that you would have never grasped on your own!

Food – Morocco Cuisine

Overview: The flavourful cooking of Morocco enjoys a tradition of cuisine rich in spices. Women in the royal cities of Morocco have made cooking an art and a centre of social and community life. Moroccans will be quick to point out that the food found in homes is much better than that available in restaurants. Hosting here also far outshines many parts of the world. A meal would often start with a vast array of delicious dipping salads, from eggplant …

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Moroccan Weddings

Overview: Marriage is an evolving institution in Morocco. With less and less arranged marriages, but remaining family involvement and social taboos in regards to dating, Morocco is a culture trying to live on both sides of a massive generation gap. While most young people now have the right to choose their own partners, many have little opportunity to meet or get to know members of the opposite sex. This leaves courtship in an awkward state of telephone dating or asking …

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Medical Care

Overview: Medical care is generally substandard; however, private medical care is available in most cities. While the health system has been making improvements to health standards in Morocco, there remain huge problems in the system. The challenge is to increase human and material resources and access to health care, despite socio-economic constraints. King Mohammad VI has been involved in initiatives to create health care access in rural areas of for the poor. Health Advice: Drink bottled water and avoid ice …

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Experience Morocco in 2012

If you are looking to travel in Morocco in 2012, there are many great places you can go to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Morocco provides a huge amount of opportunities for those of you who are looking to take a relaxing and fun vacation.

Morocco Tourism Down 30%

Over the past few months, Morocco has seen a drop in their tourism of around 30%. The unrest in North Africa and the incident of Marrakech have played a major factor to drop in Morocco travel. As I sit with my friends in the Medina of Fes, many of them are asking whether or not this will effect morocco tours for a long time or just a few months. Great question?

B’stilla – The classic Morocco food

B’stilla is a classic Morocco food dish, usually made with pigeon or squab, even though many European and American cook use chicken instead. The fowl is experienced with both sugary and savory spices, and covered in layers of gust pastry dough before baking. The result is a salty pie with a little of complex syrupiness, traditionally served as part of a main meal. Enterprising cooks might choose to make personal B’stillas, but since the procedure is involved, many prefer to …

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Experience Shopping at Morocco Tours

You can visit numerous places if you are on the Morocco Tours. These numerous places include great shopping places where you could get amazing discounts and bargains. The Souqs of Morocco are renowned for their arts and crafts, particularly for leather goods. You could purchase yourself a pair of genuine leather sandals or slippers, which you would perhaps never get to wear, but these slippers would make a huge talking point! At out morocco tours and holidays you can shop …

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Morocco Travel Plans

When planning your travel to Morocco, there are many options to consider. You will need to plan on how many days you want to stay in Morocco, the cities that you want to visit, the main attractions you want to see, and the level of accommodations that you will stay in.

Morocco tours are just perfect for Family holidays

Don’t think that you can’t go for a vacation if you have kids; in fact you can go on an amazing holidays with your kids if you choose from our Morocco tour packages. From the time you move to the plane, you could have an amazing Morocco family holiday or a magnificent exotic exploration trip.