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“Magnificent Morocco!”

We are two Canadian girls who traveled safely through this beautiful and Muslim country. Why are we so apprehensive to experience things that are different than our own country?  Our challenge to any of you who are reading this as you are obviously interested in Morocco, is to pay your  deposit and enjoy the flavor of Morocco.

If you are border line on a) whether Morocco is safe to travel or b) whether or not worth seeing, please be advised that as two well-traveled, young, Canadian females we have nothing but great things to say about Morocco.

On a whim, we booked our trip through a company online called Experience It! Tours.  They work with any budget, any time frame and any interests and/or activities you’d like to do/see.  We completed a 10-day tour of Morocco all the way from Casablanca to the Sahara Desert and back with many fun experiences and photos along the way.

“Our Trip will ALWAYS bring us Fond Memories!”

The Morocco trip was wonderful.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent there. Our driver, Kalid, was very professional, friendly and just great.  He made us feel like his only job was to ensure that we enjoyed our adventure.  He went above and beyound what is expected of a driver.  He was always looking after us, explaining the “Morocco way” to us, doing little extra things to make our stay enjoyable and attending to details.  One day while driving in the van, our adventurous Ana stated that she wanted to try Sheep’s Head.  To our surprise, Khalid arranged to have a sheep’s head brought into the carpet gallery that we were visiting and they prepared a nice lunch for all of us. (Of course he was thoughtful enough to also include Berber Pizza in the meal for those of us who are not as adventurous with our food.) It was a total surprise and such a nice gesture. Khalid has a thorough understanding of the Moroccan history and is an excellent Tour Guide.  He was always upbeat and positive and willing to assist in every way. Such a professional and a great person.

What a wonderful and rich destination!

We returned from Morocco yesterday after a great holiday. What a wonderful and rich destination! We had a great time getting to know the country, the people (so warm and friendly), the food (YUM), and other aspects of a special place in the world. Already we are talking about another ~10-day trip but in the north, the desert, etc.

I also wanted to comment about our driver/escort, Hamid Zerhiri — he was really great — not only a safe and careful driver, but interested in engaging with us on many aspects of our lives, what life is like in Morocco, and more. He also willingly tweaked our itinerary as needed to incorporate our specific interests. He found delicious restaurants for us when needed, and also helped us to find a few dinner restaurants we wanted to experience after reading about them in our travel books. The local guides in each city (Youssef in Marrakech, Rashida in Essaouira, and Aziz in Rabat) were informed and engaged.

The riad in Marrakech was lovely and atmospheric. The hotel in Essaouira was very nice, particularly our room with its stunning ocean view. I’ll definitely get in touch when we’re ready for Morocco, part 2.

Looking for Accessible Travel In Morocco?

We’re excited to share with you a new branch of Experience It! Tours coming in the near future…BEYOND ACCESS TRAVEL! We noticed that there was a huge need for helping design accessible tours in Morocco and potentially other destinations. Up to this point, little has been done in the area of disabled travel in Morocco and Experience It! Tours is hoping to change that. We are looking to launch our new accessible tours in 2012.

Check out our new blog: that Daniella, living in Marrakech

Trips in Morocco

When I think of Trips in Morocco, I think of two things: Excursion Trips inside of Morocco and full tour packages in Morocco. From our experience, Morocco offers excellent choices for either of these.

Excursion Trips
There are a number of great excursions in Morocco depending on where you are starting from. From those staying in Marrakech, you may want to consider a day excursion into the High Atlas Mountains up to the Urika Valley. Experience life in the Berber mountains! If you are looking for a coastal excursion, you may want to head east to Essaouira.

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