Morocco Guided Tours

Over the past 9 years of offering tours to Morocco, people have often asked the question how our guided tours work. “Do we have a full-time guide with us OR do your drivers act as guides?” is what they ask. We have found that the most effective way to run a high quality Morocco guided tour is to offer excellent English speaking drivers who show you Morocco through their eyes. At each of the major historical cities like Fes and Marrakech, we hire local professional tour guides to give you the historical tour.

Are your drivers top quality? I think if you check out our Morocco tour testimonials on the website and tripadvisor, you will notice that the drivers are what make our Morocco tours extra special. We have hand-picked these drivers to serve our precious clients.

Full-time tour guide – For those who are looking for a full-time guide to ride along, we are able to provide this service which costs an additional $100 per day which is split by the group. These guides carry licenses from the ministry of tourism.

Touring Morocco on your own is a possibility, however, we highly recommend hiring a private driver for your tour. They are well worth the investment. For those wanting a hassle free tour, consider one of our Morocco tour itineraries.

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